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Favorite Williams Professor, Michael Lewis, on visual images in a verbal culture

This makes me wish I were back at Williams this fall. Sigh… growing up is harder than I thought.


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Barbara, Ellie, and I talk about reunion footwear and gay pirates

Barbara: karen, can you please tell ellie that i got her a birthday present

that’s extra special

me: ?

how would i know about a birthday present you got ellie?

i only know about my leftover face mask




besides ellie’s not even here


did you see that [ellie’s brother] got rid of his bowl cut?

Barbara: WHAT

me: let me find you the photos where he looks like a gay pirate with his friend

Barbara: i thought he looked like a gay pirate even with the bowl cut

[Karen shares photos of Ellie’s brother on an inflatable pirate ship in a pool with his friend]

Barbara: whoa that’s last one is really gay and piratey

he also has a good bod


that’s ellie’s underage brother

Barbara: i know

me: and ellie can see this whole chat

Barbara: that’s why i started typing “sexy [ellie’s brother]”

and didn’t go through with it

me: oh smart

Barbara: i know

ugh you need to tell me when you decide what shoes to bring to reunion

Ellie: i’m bringing my gay pirate shoes

are you talking about shoes to bring to reunion?

me: oh, those are my favorites

Barbara: that will go well with your crtchless panties


me: barbara, when you leave the “o” out of crotchless, we know what you mean

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You win this one, Middlebury

This was pretty fab.  Particularly enjoyed the homage to the laxitute.

Kudos, Elena!

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“It would be bad for U.S.-Mozambique relations…”

Some of you may remember my epic video chat with Drew.  It involved a boy named Maputo and my knowledge of Africa (and is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it in a while…)

Drew: i now have an even more entertaining story to tell

me: shoot

Drew: so as part of my new plan to be more social, i decided to attend an embassy party

an event for the navy shipmen that are visiting maputo

a happy hour social

i was dreading to go because that is just not my element

anyway, when i arrived i met outside of the compound the mozambican police officer that previously stopped me for not having my passport

he apologized profusely and then proceeded to ask for money for a soda

me: ok…

Drew: to which i respond absolutely not, it will be bad for relations between mozambique and the us

moving on

i entered the party and was indeed completely out of my element

it was a frat house full of navy shipmen drinking and playing darts

i can’t explain

me: wait

hold up

you wouldn’t give a policeman money for a soda

b/c it would be bad for us-mozambique relations?

Drew: that is the reason i gave for not wanting to give him money

he believed it and went away

me: i bet he didn’t believe it

Drew: the cops here are always looking for bribes

me: i bet he just thought you were an ass

Drew: karen, would you have given him money

that is not even a valid question, because you wouldn’t come to mozambique in the first place

me: right

Drew: anyway, i can say that i was tempted with a bribe and attended a navy shipmen drinking party all in maputo, mozambique

and furthermore met my goal of being more social

me: wait, so what happened when you were at the naval frat house?

did you play darts and drink with them?

Drew: yes, but only briefly

that is an achievement for me

and in the process i managed to meet someone

also i went on a date with a pseudo friend last week here in maputo

i met someone at another embassy party

me: you met a naval officer at a frat party?

Drew: no no

i met am embassy employee

she works in hiv/aids


of course not, there were no females on these ships

me: honestly, i’m very confused

If anyone can make sense of this for me, I’d appreciate it!


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This is true for me

I’ve said again and again that the class that I’ve used more than any other from college was Mathematics of Finance.  A course that, incidentally, my family taunted me for taking because it was such a joke.  Literally, my father told me if I didn’t get an A, he wasn’t paying for second semester of my senior year.

Graph via GraphJam


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Let me tell you a little story about a street called Hussey

On Nantucket, there’s a little street (emphasis on “little”) called Hussey Street and for two summers, Brittany and I dreamed of stealing the sign.  And if you knew me and Brittany — either from Williams or from the Nantucket Community Choir — you know that we’re just the people you want to see plot to steal town property.

Finally, one night, Brittany and I put on black clothes, found some screwdrivers and prepared to commit a crime.

And when we got to the sign, chitchatting about how amazing it would be to have “Hussey” in all its glory hang in our suite hallway in Armstrong, we saw that someone got their first.  But they didn’t take the sign.

Instead, the smooth criminals who reached Hussey first changed the H to a P.

Anyway, in honor of Brittany and our one night of attempted, but aborted vandalism:

(Via B&P)

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A weekend in Williamstown (a.k.a. finally being able to answer the question: “Did you like it?”)

I went back to Williams for the first time since graduation this weekend to help get started planning my 5th reunion in 2010!  Whenever discussing college with people I’ve just met, they inevitably ask “did you like it?” and I find it such a difficult question to answer. Allow me to explain in bullet points:

  • I grew up with Williams a part of my life — my father and uncle both attended — so not only did I have a stuffed purple, but I went to Williams/Amherst basketball games frequently.
  • All three Williams songs (The Mountains, Yard by Yard, and Come Fill Your Glasses Up) were part of the family car trip singalong repertoire.  Moreover, because my father holds no bias when it comes to music, we always sang the Amherst school song too.  (In his defense, it is a good song, although I can’t find the lyrics anywhere).
  • Married Brother went there and had an incredible time, but I went there and wasn’t so happy.  I loved my high school and struggled to find a way to be myself and be happy/productive/successful at school.
  • Despite being super involved at school, I looked at transferring and decided to study abroad for a full year instead.
  • I came back and had a pretty decent senior year, but wasn’t that sad to say goodbye.
  • Now, four years out, I realize that regardless of whether I was the happiest on campus, Williams has given me some of my best friends in the world.
  • More indicative of what makes Williams special, some of my best friends I’ve made since leaving are Williams people who I wasn’t friends with while in college (and in some cases, didn’t like at all).

So with that said, how can I not like a place that seems to find the greatest people in the world? And I’m so excited to help make our reunion (June 11-13, 2010) the best ever.  I may even pop up to spy on this year’s reunion!  As Elena said (accidentally): “The ’05s are going DOWN!”*

*In her defense, who doesn’t get a little confused during drunken candlepin bowling in the Faculty Club basement?

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