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Friday Distraction

So I just played this game where you have 12 minutes to guess the 100 most commonly used words in the English language.

How’d I do?*

It was A LOT tougher than I imagined… so help me figure out how well I did by doing it yourself!

*N.B. I did take the test while on a conference call…


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Did you know…

That Margaret Thatcher was on the research team that helped develop soft serve ice cream? Wikipedia confirms this on the “ice cream” page but NOT on the “Margaret Thatcher” page.  Cross links needed!

I just learned this last night from Mike.  I also learned that I am not very good at guessing games and that Mike is very annoying when he knows something I don’t.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t like him in college.

But is this trivia worthy of the 2nd People’s Choice Unterekkie?  Mike has already started a fight with Eric to try and win this highly coveted prize….

In related news, Margaret’s involvement with ice cream, albeit soft serve, is just one more reason I claimed “Margaret” as a name before Married Brother/New Sister could use it.


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Best Friday Fun Quiz EVER


I got 9 out of 12, but I was really guessing on more than half… Married Brother and New Sister… please do NOT choose any names off this list.

Click here to compare your score to mine!

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How progressive or conservative are you?

One of the few times I’ll ever link to the Center for American Progress.

It’s the Progressive Quiz!

Here’s how I scored:


I think the real lesson is that I’m much more prone to hitting 0/1 or 9/10 than the average American…

Anyway, here’s how everyone scored:


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Well if I’m in the second tier, I’m pretty sure almost all of my friends are in the first…

picture-11Rethink your drinking with the NIH’s quiz on drinking patterns…

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How much do you love Zack Morris?

A favorite Baldwin memory was Saved by the Bell trivia on the bus on class trips.  I’m pretty sure Lauren knew more than anyone else, but I was pretty confident that my Saved by the Bell knowledge was, at the very least, above par.

Turns out, it’s better than that.

Go to Mental Floss and take the Saved by the Bell quiz.  I’ll admit, I did guess on #15, but I think you’ll be impressed with my score:


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My day has come!

I just received this email:


Why, yes, ETS.  I have a lot of things to say about my “experience” with you.

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