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Speaking of science projects

I figured I’d take another opportunity to embarrass my poor mother.

In high school chemistry, my parents had the same teacher:

  • My father (a future chemistry major) built a working battery.  He got a C.
  • My mother (who never took high school physics) made glass… by mixing Elmer’s glue with sand.  She got an A.

I’m certainly not going to suggest that any funny business occurred… I’m just laying out the facts.


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Sadly, these “science projects” are still more scientific than anything that happened in the Modern Science Club

More here.

(And yes, I know what photo shop is…)

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Omigosh, it’s a science version of “Spellbound”

I can’t wait for Whiz Kids:

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Trying to avoid comparisons to Dance Company, I bring you: “Dance your PhD”

This is an annual YouTube contest where scientists film interpretive dances of their PhDs.

Here’s my favorite of this year’s winners:

View the rest here.

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I was, and still am, a huge loser

Another weekend pre-GRE means another Saturday night reviewing vocab and not drinking.  Except that now it’s 11 PM and I’m eating a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and catching up on Google Reader and watching Ace of Cakes and realizing I’m a loser.

And in my Google reader popped the announcement of the new Tumblr “Notes on High School” which just launched and will feature scanned in notes from people’s high school days.

There are only two up right now, but here are quotes from each:

God I was fucked-up last night. I couldn’t wake up this morning! I can’t wait for Beverly Hills/Melrose Place tonight. I’ll have to tape it, I need to go to Progressions (spelling? Oh, who gives a shit… if you can figure out what the word is—it doesn’t matter if I fuck it up.) [xxx]’s dancing in it—with O.C.’s little sister. He picks her up and shit.


Tonight I got stoned for the 1st time. I got all light-headed and it was really kind of weird, but cool. I’m not going to do it regularly, but it was really cool. I liked being baked. It was like I couldn’t control what I did, but I could think OK. Like I couldn’t really control what I said. It just came out.

It got me thinking about the notes I passed in high school.  I don’t have any, but here’s a rough paraphrase of a note I would have sent:


Want to go to Hope’s Cookies before the Science Club sleepover?  I’ll lend you money.

Love, Karen U.

So, yeah.  Looks like my social life this weekend is on par with what it was in high school.

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