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Looks like @ComcastCares about his ex…



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In Union Station yesterday, I noticed that Joe Biden life-sized cut-outs are 75% off… this is why

Via Gateway Pundit

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Turns out that we have West Coast readers who don’t appreciate spoilers… even when they’re posted with the intention of gloating about my superiority in Idol predictions and not just to ruin other people’s good times.

Let me “Apologize” through my favorite Mormon angel, David Archuleta and One Republic:

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From homewrecking to herpes: an insta-classic Karen and Barbara gchat

Barbara: what if i get you the top chef cookbook for christmas

me: what if you get me tom [Colicchio]?

Barbara: um no


me: like i care

i’m a homewrecker

Barbara: um

me: my wrap name is the Unta-homewrecka!

Barbara: somehow “karen” and “homewrecker” seems oxymoronic to me

me: oh gosh, that was such an unhomeyesque typo

i so meant “rap”

Barbara: yeah

no, sorry

point proven

me: not true

maybe i treat people’s marriages as casually as i treat gchat spelling


that was awesome!

Barbara: that’s actually so not true

i make SO many more spelling mistakes than you on gchat

on a consistent basis, too

me: well, you barely speak english

Barbara: true, and maybe i am a homewrecker

i do make out with people when i get drunk

they could be married

me: i was when you made out with me

Barbara: when did i make out with you???????

me: ummm you didn’t

but the fact that you got nervous suggests you have a problem

Barbara: yeah probably

it’s just that i made out with so many people

i can’t keep track

it’s not like i keep a list you know

maybe i should

me: then at least you’d know who gave you herpes

Barbara: right

and i can go back and call all of them

me: yes

Barbara: or even better, PUT IT IN MY FACEBOOK STATUS

me: no b/c some people who you have made out with

unfriended you

like [redacted]

Barbara: i can’t believe i stayed at work for an extra how many minutes to talk to you about cheap food, making out, tom colicchio and [redacted]

oh and herpes

why do i always feel like we talk about herpes?

me: b/c herpes never go away!

barbs i’m on fire tonight

this comedy is so wasted on my laptop

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I’ve been meaning to tell you all that we’re celebrating Hanukkah this year, but I couldn’t spell the word…


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Some people make bad ninjas

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I guess a lot of the weight she lost was in skin pigmentation?

(Via Bits & Pieces)

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