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Two different things making me feel old, 30 Rock, doll collectors, Friendster classics, and more…

Some of my favorite things on the interwebs this week:

  • If you saw last week’s Parks & Rec, you’ll love TomHaverfoods.com
  • This photo of tulip fields in the Netherlands is just too too beautiful (via That Andy Cohen)

  • From XKCD, it’s a movie guide to making other people feel old. It also made me feel old… le sigh.
  • Speaking of feeling old, I have my 10 year high school this weekend. I LOVE going back to Baldwin.

  • Finally, Kelly is getting married, so here’s a special pre-wedding message to her:

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In which Ellie teaches me how to sound smart in high school English

Background: this weekend, I am taking a poetry class with my old high school English teacher. Seeing as my dearest friend, Ellie, is an English teacher. I asked her for assistance.

me: did you do my poetry homework yet?

Ellie: nope

i got annoyed that your english teacher didn’t properly punctuate ted hughes’s name

and gave up


i need something smart to say

Ellie: say something about art mimicking life

and life mimicking art

me: is that specific to these poems? or does that apply to all poems?

Ellie: then throw around “pathos,” “logos,” and “ethos”

english teachers eat that shit up

me: i only know “ethos”

can i just say that three times?

Ellie: no definitely say all three

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Non-political Reading List

These are some great links I’ve been meaning to share in post form and haven’t.  So I’m just dumping them all on you now.  All are worth a click AND a read.

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Birthday Tribute: Liz

It was Liz’s birthday yesterday and I owed her a birthday tribute.  Usually I just post a picture and tell you how much I love the person, but Liz and I have a special relationship.  So I’ve decided to tell you the top 5 reasons I love her:

  1. She was a really talented actress in 4th grade! In 4th grade, Liz was Toodles the Lost Boy in Peter Pan.  I was an unnamed Lost Boy.  Subsequent roles were a little less robust with Liz playing an orphan in Oliver, the mayor’s daughter (made up part) in Bye Bye Birdie, and the understudy to the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  But you should know she started at the top.
  2. She had a whole separate birthday party in 8th grade just so that I could be invited to one! In 8th grade, Liz and I both transferred to Baldwin from Strath Haven Middle School.  Liz’s Strath Haven friends told her they wouldn’t go to her birthday party if I was there (because I was a nerd), so Liz threw a separate party for her new Baldwin friends.  Wasn’t that nice of her?  She also told me all of the horrible rumors that had been spread about me while I’d been in public school that I didn’t know about…
  3. She’s teaching me to become a really great Philean. It’s not going particularly well, but she gets bonus points for trying so hard.
  4. She supports, enables, and pushes my online stalking. Seriously, if we had gym class together in 6th grade, Liz and I are probably trying to find out exactly what you’re up to.  Also, if Liz has friended you on Facebook and you don’t know why because you haven’t talked since 6th grade… it’s probably because we wanted to stalk your profile.
  5. She tolerates all of my neuroses. Seriously, if you think I’m bad with you, you should know that I’m officially 10x worse with Liz.  Promise.

Here’s to all the good times we’ve shared, Liz:



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A present for my favorite B-Flats (and any other a cappella nerds…)

It’s the Beach Boys without their background music.  I love boys who can harmonize.


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Sadly, these “science projects” are still more scientific than anything that happened in the Modern Science Club

More here.

(And yes, I know what photo shop is…)

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How much do you love Zack Morris?

A favorite Baldwin memory was Saved by the Bell trivia on the bus on class trips.  I’m pretty sure Lauren knew more than anyone else, but I was pretty confident that my Saved by the Bell knowledge was, at the very least, above par.

Turns out, it’s better than that.

Go to Mental Floss and take the Saved by the Bell quiz.  I’ll admit, I did guess on #15, but I think you’ll be impressed with my score:


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