Why I love my job: an @AWElliott and @BlakeBowyer tribute

So basically, @AWElliott is very proud of his best dressed status and thinks that ties and monogrammed shirts are enough to seal the deal. Unfortunately, yesterday, he went tie-less and Blake upped his game resulting in the following slide sent around (by me):

Anyway, Kelly replied with an updated version:

To which, Drew replied with the following note:


First of all, I would never go to Front Page; that place is for people who find short-sleeve dress shirts acceptable — disgusting.

Second, everyone knows I go suit on the first date if it’s after work.



But not to be outdone, Ian had the following update.

Clearly, Ian is just jealous.



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The future of my weekends with @kaitlynwilkins

Sharing my cable with Kaitlyn in London now means when I introduce her to new shows, we sit and gchat and I explain them. This is officially where Ian gets super creeped out.


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Tim Riggins, Tina Fey, great readings of Gwyneth’s cookbook, llama font, and more…

Some fantastic links, clips, and more made their way to me this week:

  • The Atlantic writes in defense of actual printed cookbooks. Totally agree – have stacks and stacks and stacks of them all over my apartment.
  • Speaking of, this dramatic reading of Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook is amazing. Just amazing. (Via NYMag)

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Will & Kate: I really don’t get the hype

I mean, watching the wedding is one thing – but eating a commemorative pizza with fingers decorated with Will & Kate portraits is just completely beyond me.

Both images via Best Week Ever

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The Amazing Adventures of #WorkBrush (a photo series by @KaitlynWilkins)

Life is rough when your work bestie moves to London without you. It’s a bit tougher when your work bestie is a real life bestie. However, in some thoughtful final moments pre-departure, @KaitlynWilkins decided to remind me and the whole world what a free loader she is via an amazing photo series.

Background: when KW got bangs, her hair became a bit higher maintenance, and rather than use her own hairbrush, she would just borrow the one I keep at my desk.

Photo 1: No caption - simply an intro to #workbrush's adventures (@PeterLamotte is uncredited)

"The adventure continues! @unterekless ' brush visits the MINI dealership to get an oil change." (Note from Karen: everyone knows that #workbrush prefers Fords)

@unterekless "Good morning, good morning!" (Note from Karen: this is our office doorman - I still don't know his name)

@unterekless "can you find me in this pic? Doing lunch w @kaitlynwilkins and @AWElliott!1"

@unterekless have you used your Flex Spending yet? Getting my eyes checked! #workbrush

@unterekless even robot hair needs brushing! #thumbsup #workbrush

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The next FaceTime commercial will feature me and @KaitlynWilkins communicating through stuffed bears.

Hers is T.B. and mine is Fluffy.

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Goodbye to @KaitlynWilkins, thoughts on truffle oil, Brazilian car commercials, you know… the usual…

Quickie round up of things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • My dearest Kaitlyn is moving to London which means I’m officially down a best friend AND my #workbrush will not be going on very many fun adventures. (FYI, KW, have decided when I have some down time, I’m going to re-post the full adventures of my #workbrush here). Anyway, we made her a tribute video. I summarize our entire relationship at 3:00.
  • Amanda Hesser explains why Google SEO is helping to produce lazier home cooks.
  • Nissan mocks Ford in a Brazilian commercial that should be a lesson to all US ad agencies on how to get people to stop fast forwarding. (HT Susannah – who is still not reading my blog for Lent)
  • Serious Eats is giving truffle oil a thumbs down and after reading it, it looks like I’ll have to switch to truffle butter for my ridiculous indulgences.
  • It’s the Real Househusbands of Philadelphia. I have no words and I’m still recovering from the accent.
  • This feature in the New Yorker about the conspiracy around a Guatemalan murder is fascinating.  Please read.
  • Baseball season is back and the Yankees have already had their first three games against the Red Sox. I only watched one of them and it turns out I made the right choice. Anyway, it’s tough to choose between Baldwin and Krasinski, but I think I made the right call. (Hat tip: Married Brother)


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