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This Eagle Scout earned every single merit badge:

So both Married Brother and Unmarried Brother were Eagle Scouts (although Married Brother’s “hardcore” final project involved setting up a card table and handing out free lightbulbs… not exactly strenous) and I totally respect the B.S.A., but this kid seriously needs some friends.

Merit badge-earning is not a hobby.  Shawn Goldsmith seems to think this will help with his social life:

“If I run into a stranger, there’s definitely something to talk about. I have 121 topics to talk about,” he says when asked why he did it.

Dude, don’t tell anyone.  Just tell them you know how to light a fire with a toothpick and some dental floss and call it a day.

(Via NPR)



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Jon Stewart talks to the kids about Plaxico Burress

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One of my favorite Daily Show clips in a while.

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Ellie was an undesirable child

Ellie: no i’m writing commendation emails to parents
because their kids did something good
me: oh that’s good
maybe i’ll send one to your mom
for you being good and helping with my essay
did your mom get too many commendation emails about you?
probably not…
Ellie: nope
she got phone calls home after i got in trouble for driving to the bagel bin during a bomb threat
me: oh
Ellie: and after i slept through an AP exam
and after i hit the car in front of me because i was driving with my eyes closed
me: WHAT?
your poor parents
Ellie: oh please they’re the same way
i paid for everything
they never lost a cent
i’m a cheap child
me: oh i’m expensive
that’s my problem
light on headaches, heavy on the pocket book
actually, i talk a lot so heavy on headaches too
Ellie: hitting the car in front of my because i was driving with my eyes closed was pretty funny
i was with our crazy argentine exchange student soledad
she told me to do it
except i had to work an extra two shifts a week at the restuarant to pay for the damage
oh well
good learning experience
me: what did you learn?
not to listen to exchange students?
or not to drive with your eyes closed?
Ellie: if you drive with you eyes closed, you’ll have to work 4 nights a week at the restaurant
which actually worked out great
because i was already into college and wasn’t doing anything spring semester of my senior year
except waiting tables
which is a great learning experience
because you learn that people are jerks
me: i think there’s an aesop fable about that
the waitress and the jackass

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Lessons Learned in Hotlanta

Well, I had a fabu time with Ellie this weekend, so here are the major things I learned while I was away:

1. There’s more to Atlanta than an airport, lost baggage, and the Houlihans in the Delta terminal. In fact, there’s a whole city!
2. Teenagers in Atlanta have milkshake parties. I don’t know what they are, but they sound dirty.
3. If this weekend’s weather is any evidence, global warming is a lie. It was 42 degrees and raining and cold.
4. Ellie’s dog looks just like my former 80-year old neighbor, Kitty.
5. Half marathons, just like class work, require preparation. And, just like with course work, Ellie and I do not motivate each other to prepare for or complete them.

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Concert: one more lesson learned

Another thing I learned was that Amy is a far superior photographer to me. Here’s the picture Amy took of me (please note country music concert appropriate western-style shirt):

Here’s the picture I took of Amy (please note she suddenly has a martian green glow and red eye):

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Our trip to King George: lessons learned

As typed in my apology, Amy and I went to see George Strait on Saturday night. Obviously it was a great night for country music, but there were also some lessons learned.

  1. The people of Philadelphia (specifically those in attendance at a George Strait concert) are notsoattractive. Seriously, 50% of the people there were morbidly obese, 50% were wearing outfits that looked like they were sold off by Nickelodeon after Hey Dude ended, 50% were walking before photos for Proactiv, and 50% were just plain heinous. (Yeah, there was a lot of overlap between categories).
  2. George Strait was AMAZING.
  3. Little Big Town was hauntingly beautiful — seriously, even if you don’t like country, they have the incredible harmonies of Fleetwood Mac and are a little less “twang-y” than some other groups.
  4. Sarah Johns opened for George Strait. She was a dud. Notsocute and notsotalented.
  5. The chick sitting next to me (not Amy) was seriously disturbed. At various moments, she rode her chair like a horse (I’ll demonstrate next time I see you if you ask me), shouted out that George Strait’s band sucked (probably not the right crowd for that), ate her popcorn in a manner that made me physically ill, and text messaged her friends about a crush/stalkerish obsession she had with one of her “friends.” My favorite text message read: “seriously i think about mel all the time and i ain’t doin nothin’ to hurt her. am i screwed???”

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