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Wyatt Cenac investigates Blacks v. Gays (who is more discriminated against)

Pretty funny:

(Via The Daily What)


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What’s funnier than old Jews telling jokes?

The jokes aren’t great, but the delivery is amusing.

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I really enjoy H.W. and Clinton’s friendship

But I don’t get why Bill doesn’t understand why he can’t make that joke… ;-)

(Via Mike)

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It’s Abdul, the Reluctant Martyr

From Modern Man (who describe themselves as being “somewhere between the Three Stooges and the Three Tenors”):

(Via Mike)

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A public service for all my grad student friends who are now on vacay

The 10 Best SNL Digital Shorts.

Enjoy old favorites like “Chronicles of Narnia” and “Dick in a Box” as well as my fave “Laser Cats 2”

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Okay, I love this, but it’s not for everyone

For the record, this is the sort of thing Liz and I would have made on a random Sunday in high school.  (Liz, you know it’s true)

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“Careful now, I suffer from hysterical blindness”

Real Housewives of Atlanta is still better than this parody, but I do love Niecy from Reno 911:

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