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The elements of a movie I want to see

Steven Soderbergh directing Brad Pitt in Moneyball? Make it happen, Hollywood!


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Joe Torre is Captain Obvious

So I’ve tried to not think too much about Joe Torre’s tell-all book because, frankly, I don’t want to know all.  I just want the Yankees to win.  And maybe win without spending a sum of money that makes me gag and makes other teams contemplate surrendering before the season starts.

That said, there have been some gems that have come out of Torre’s press tour.  My personal favorite is Joe’s reflection on the infamous Roger Clemens-throwing-part-of-a-bat-at-Mike Piazza-during-Game 2-of-the-World Series:

During a radio interview Tuesday afternoon on WFAN, Torre was asked whether he believed that Clemens’s bat toss was an instance of “roid rage.”“I didn’t necessarily tie the two together,” Torre said. “But in retrospect with everything that’s going on, it could very well have been.”

Interesting… thanks for the insight, Joe.

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Hey NFL, you just lost a non-fan!

So the NFL has taken down all online videos of Jennifer Hudson singing the National Anthem (including the one I shared earlier) “due to a copyright claim.”

Now, it turns out that while the song is in the public domain, a performance can be copyrighted… but if that’s the case, why not make a non-YouTube/non-shareable version of the song available perhaps on,, or  Right now, makes a video of Kurt Warner visiting the Biggest Loser available and Hulu has all of the Super Bowl ads, but there’s no legal way to obtain a video of the National Anthem.  Really?

Anyway, if you missed it, I’m sorry.  I’m further sorry that the NFL is so unpatriotic that they can’t share a spectacular version of our National Anthem with the American people.

I’m so glad it’s baseball season…

UPDATE: The number of errors that were in this original post were kind of crazy, I didn’t type half of what I meant to say originally.  Anyway, they’ve been fixed, and yes, thank you, Mike, for pointing out the copyright claim in the first place.


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My 25 Things

Per the Facebook trend, here are 25 things you should know about me (cross-posted on Facebook):

25. I have a major thing for Cuban sandwiches… preferably those that buck tradition and use a chipotle or flavored mayo rather than mustard.

24. I love baseball, but try as I might, I can never quite get into any other sports.

23. I am afraid of things flying at my head. This includes foul balls, falcons, seagulls, pigeons, and pretty much anything else. I’m also afraid of things in the water like sharks and jelly fish and plastic bags that look like jelly fish.

22. I don’t eat sushi. Yes, I’ve tried “good” sushi. Yes, I’ve tried vegetarian sushi. No, I don’t like any of it. In fact, I pretty much just don’t like Japanese food.

21. I’m not an easy person to go to movies with: I talk most of the time, ask annoying questions, cover my eyes/ears when I’m scared, cry, and walk out during violent bits.

20. I really want to be a secret agent, but I’m not good at secrets.

19. Also, when I try to lie, my face twitches and I start laughing.

18. I get insanely competitive about things when I think I’ll win; if I know I won’t win, I don’t participate. In the great Digitas Brownie Bake Off (which I won), I made three different batches of beta brownies to optimize my final result. But… did I mention I won?

17. I watch the trashiest television EVER. Like Rock of Love, Real World/Road Rules: The Gauntlet, Girls Next Door, and Real Housewives trashy.

16. I always grill waiters with lots of questions before I order anything. People find it charming over time… or so they say.

15. I once lied about the definition of non-existent word to my minister to win a game of “Ghost” on a youth group car trip.

14. I get creeped out by adults who wear costumes professionally (e.g. clowns, mascots, etc).

13. I dropped a glass from two stories up on my brother’s head. But he forgave me.

12. I should mention, I have the most wonderful family ever.

11. Strangers all around the world (cab drivers, people on subways, etc) love to guess my ethnic origins; I most often hear Lebanese, Turkish, and Eastern European. I’m German, Scottish, and Irish.

10. Despite being German, Scottish, and Irish, I have an embarrassingly low tolerance for alcohol.

9. My favorite karaoke song is “Man in the Mirror.” My favorite dance party song is “I Want to Dance with Somebody.” My favorite road trip song is “City of New Orleans.” And my favorite whatever else song is “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.”

8. I have a terrible sense of geography/navigation that includes not knowing where the Mississippi River is, still not knowing my way around either Delaware County OR the Main Line (sorry, Liz!), and remaining permanently confused about exactly where in Africa my friends have traveled.

7. I don’t wear my hair down that often for two reasons: a) I have control issues and don’t like it in my face and b) I don’t know how to use a hair dryer.

6. My shrink once told me I communicate like a man.

5. The best year of my life was my junior year in Paris and I still haven’t been back.

4. I think tiramisu is the lamest dessert ever. Also, I’m totally over molten chocolate cake… why is that one on every menu?

3. Thanks to “The Sound of Music” and my schoolgirl crush on Captain Von Trapp, I’ve desperately wanted to go to Austria my entire life. However, I still haven’t been.

2. I’m forever indebted to my high school because I’m sure I wouldn’t be the woman I am without Baldwin.

1. I can’t stand when people make you introduce yourself by saying “one interesting thing about yourself.” It’s a timewaster, no one ever tells anything that interesting, and I can never think of anything to say on the spot.

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Really quickly, on the Yankees

I realize, I haven’t commented yet on the Yankees’ acquisition of Sabathia, Burnett, and Teixeira and I probably should.

In times like these, I turn to my father.  Now, my father is the reason I’ve been a Yankees fan my whole life and despite some moments of weakness (like rooting for the Red Sox in 2004), I tend to agree with him on sports.  In fact, after the World Series this year, I received an amazing voicemail from him ranting about how unacceptable it was for Brett “wifebeating” Myers to even contemplate quoting the great Lou Gehrig.  I can’t do it justice now, but if you know my father, you know it was great.

Anyway, Daddy’s thoughts on the Yankees’ spending spree were succinct and on point: “I know they need to pack a new stadium, but it’s pretty embarrassing.”

I think that’s basically it.  I love the Yankees and I love winning, so I’m in favor of doing what it takes to build a stronger, better team.  However, that $423.5 MM the Yankees are spending on three players is nearly ten times the Rays’ projected 2009 payroll. How can anyone else in baseball really compete with that?  And, frankly, what is Bud Selig doing?  Letting one team dominate free agent signings this way pretty much ruins the game for everyone else.

So here it is, December 27, 2008, and I’m going into the 2009 season embarrassed of how my team is so obviously and offensively attempting to buy a championship (more so than usual), coming to terms with the fact that my entire team is made up of All-Stars and not anyone I ever really considered a Yankee, and realizing that the new stadium means I probably won’t be able to afford to see a game there.

I can’t imagine not cheering for them, but it’s definitely a little harder… especially since I don’t know 75% of the team anymore.

Although I did get Yankees pajamas for Christmas and Derek Jeter did leave a note in my stocking… when you’re not getting a cut of the $423.5 MM, you have to be excited about the little things


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A-Rod continuing to put himself in positions to be taken seriously

Dude, you’re a Yankee and you’re dating Madonna… don’t you know about cameras?

(Via Jezebel)


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Derek Jeter? Hairplugs? Say it ain’t so!!!

I mean, it’s not for sure, but the evidence is pretty damning:

Via NYMag

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