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Actually, Wendy, I don’t want to be your pen pal

Some of you may remember that I have a bit of an adversarial relationship with Wendy’s. Well, despite lodging formal complaints and getting absolutely no response from anyone (I mean, seriously, I know Dave Thomas died 6 years ago, but is that when customer service died too?), I received a “WendyMail” today.

Thanks, but no thanks, Wendy.  The last time you sent me a coupon, I couldn’t even open it on my computer.  Also, I haven’t eaten at your establishment in 5 years, but from what I remember, your Frosties were subpar.


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Apparently every part of the Wendy’s online experience sucks

For example, Hawaii is a country.

I learned this when I was trying to register a complaint.

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Wendy’s Instant Win Twisted Frosty Giveaway: WORST PROMOTION EVER (and not very “instant”)

Earlier today, Lydia sent me this information:


[Wendy’s] will give away 10,000 Twisted Frostys through Sept. 19 with one winner getting a whole year of them. 

Twisted Frostys contain Nestle Toll House cookie dough pieces, the newest line extension.

Consumers must enter information at

Obviously, I rushed to enter to win.  And after going through four different screens, giving away all of my contact information, and answering a short survey about Wendy’s, I was finally ready to play the “instant win” game.  
And I lost.
But the silver lining of the cloud that was the Wendy’s Twisted Frostys giveaway site was… I was getting a $1 off coupon for a Frosty.
Except… no… because you have to download new software to download the coupon and the new software that downloaded was automatically only in a Mac version and I couldn’t install it so I never got my coupon.
So basically the only thing more twisted than the new Wendy’s Twisted Frostys is the idea that you can win anything at all on their stupid promotion site.
And the fact that the plural of “Frosty” is “Frostys” and not “Frosties.”
Hello, McFlurry!

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