I launched this blog in an effort to keep my friends and family happy by no longer forwarding them links, articles, blog posts, etc. It’s gone through moments of hyperactivity and dormancy, but I assure it is not dead.

Anyway, if you’ve spent anytime here, you know my name, my age, and where I live… (hello, digital footprint!).

Posts cover anything that interests me, which generally means a lot of random things I find amusing as well as politics, entertainment, baseball, food, reality tv, updates on my family and friends, and gchats used without permission.

I also work as a Senior Digital Strategist for the 360 Digital Influence Team at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide.  This means I may share social media campaigns that I or my colleagues are working on.  I want to stress that my posts are my own and do not necessarily reflect the position or opinions of Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide or my clients and when I do write these posts I will clearly state that I’m sharing work with you.


2 responses to “About

  1. Very cool blog. Love some of the titles of your posts. I’ll will check out this blog on the regular.

    Oh yea, please help my friends and I settle our differences once and for all at:


    I’d really appreciate it.

  2. @essohhbee

    never censor yourself…ever.

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