Why I love my job: an @AWElliott and @BlakeBowyer tribute

So basically, @AWElliott is very proud of his best dressed status and thinks that ties and monogrammed shirts are enough to seal the deal. Unfortunately, yesterday, he went tie-less and Blake upped his game resulting in the following slide sent around (by me):

Anyway, Kelly replied with an updated version:

To which, Drew replied with the following note:


First of all, I would never go to Front Page; that place is for people who find short-sleeve dress shirts acceptable — disgusting.

Second, everyone knows I go suit on the first date if it’s after work.



But not to be outdone, Ian had the following update.

Clearly, Ian is just jealous.



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One response to “Why I love my job: an @AWElliott and @BlakeBowyer tribute

  1. Kaitlyn

    Let me be the first to comment on this amazing post – I LOVE YOU TOO JUDY!

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