The Amazing Adventures of #WorkBrush (a photo series by @KaitlynWilkins)

Life is rough when your work bestie moves to London without you. It’s a bit tougher when your work bestie is a real life bestie. However, in some thoughtful final moments pre-departure, @KaitlynWilkins decided to remind me and the whole world what a free loader she is via an amazing photo series.

Background: when KW got bangs, her hair became a bit higher maintenance, and rather than use her own hairbrush, she would just borrow the one I keep at my desk.

Photo 1: No caption - simply an intro to #workbrush's adventures (@PeterLamotte is uncredited)

"The adventure continues! @unterekless ' brush visits the MINI dealership to get an oil change." (Note from Karen: everyone knows that #workbrush prefers Fords)

@unterekless "Good morning, good morning!" (Note from Karen: this is our office doorman - I still don't know his name)

@unterekless "can you find me in this pic? Doing lunch w @kaitlynwilkins and @AWElliott!1"

@unterekless have you used your Flex Spending yet? Getting my eyes checked! #workbrush

@unterekless even robot hair needs brushing! #thumbsup #workbrush


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