In which Ellie teaches me how to sound smart in high school English

Background: this weekend, I am taking a poetry class with my old high school English teacher. Seeing as my dearest friend, Ellie, is an English teacher. I asked her for assistance.

me: did you do my poetry homework yet?

Ellie: nope

i got annoyed that your english teacher didn’t properly punctuate ted hughes’s name

and gave up


i need something smart to say

Ellie: say something about art mimicking life

and life mimicking art

me: is that specific to these poems? or does that apply to all poems?

Ellie: then throw around “pathos,” “logos,” and “ethos”

english teachers eat that shit up

me: i only know “ethos”

can i just say that three times?

Ellie: no definitely say all three


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