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A Titian kitten, lessons in leadership, Motown Divanalysis, and much more

My favorite things found across l’internet cette semaine. Every single one is worth a click through:

  • Great overview of great meat from Serious Eats.
  • A blog of bangable dudes in history. Obviously Alexander Hamilton is #1. So handsome.
  • Ford CEO Alan Mulally shared this talk on leadership at Stanford’s GSB. The entire video is a good reminder of why I love my job.
  • This happened (HT Buzzfeed):


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Playing favorites…

Just to keep Charlie on her toes, I shared a quick view of a text I sent to Jackie this morning. What follows is that email exchange.

From: Karen

To: Charlie, Jackie

Subject: What it looks like when you’re my favorite

From: Jackie


From: Charlie


Last time I invite either of you to one of my epic party’s.

From: Karen

I think you meant parties. Party’s is the possessive singular.

From: Jackie

This is almost as good as the shenanigans I used to witness in real life.

From: Karen

I will be blogging this exchange.

From: Jackie

Even better. I fully support you leveraging another digital channel that shows I am your favorite.

(Like what I did there?)


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Catching up on the interwebs

Some favorite recent links and discoveries:


UPDATE: Kai has reminded me that he sent me the basset hound video and I didn’t credit him. Subtle comment, Kai! And thanks for the tip!

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Great Idea for You to Steal: Top Shelf – the bar for tall people

I have a ton of really great ideas, but not enough time to bring them all to life so I’ve decided to introduce a new feature on the blog: Great Idea for You to Steal. Basically, I tell you about a GENIUS idea of mine and then you can steal it and bring it to life in a way that’s almost as good as I’d envisioned but probably not.

Top Shelf: The Bar for Tall People

When you’re a 5’10” woman, the bar is just a little bit higher. You can try and date men who are 5’9,” but trust me, you’ll notice the height difference. Beyond dating, it’s just tough to hear people who are lower than you are or you suffer neck pain having to crouch a bit to try and listen. Moreover, according to studies, tall people are happier. Surprising to learn that since I’m such an ice queen, but don’t argue with science.

So… wouldn’t it be amazing to go to a bar that was only open to tall people? That’s where Top Shelf comes in. The shelves are higher, the coat hooks are higher, and the eye contact is straight ahead or upwards. I’m debating whether I let shorter people in IF they bring a step stool. I mean, I do have a number of friends who I’d still like to talk to in my new and appropriately-sized hangout.

And we’ll find some way to partner with Longshot Apparel. Because I LOVE their blog and their mission and, presumably, the people who buy their shirts.


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In which Ellie teaches me how to sound smart in high school English

Background: this weekend, I am taking a poetry class with my old high school English teacher. Seeing as my dearest friend, Ellie, is an English teacher. I asked her for assistance.

me: did you do my poetry homework yet?

Ellie: nope

i got annoyed that your english teacher didn’t properly punctuate ted hughes’s name

and gave up


i need something smart to say

Ellie: say something about art mimicking life

and life mimicking art

me: is that specific to these poems? or does that apply to all poems?

Ellie: then throw around “pathos,” “logos,” and “ethos”

english teachers eat that shit up

me: i only know “ethos”

can i just say that three times?

Ellie: no definitely say all three

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Infographic: Actually comparing apples to oranges



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Happy Valentine’s Day from my father…

My dad was inspired by my client work in his Valentine note this year and sent me the following:

I hope you will be my Valentine again. I have FOCUSED in advance on it so I hope to leave you no ESCAPE. The FUSION of city and suburban life continues to agree with us. Some days I awaken here with the strength of a TAURUS or an EXPLORER. I love you, D.

Did you get it? Pretty clever for a chemistry major!

FYI, I did say yes.

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