Patented Unterekless Super Bowl Recap – with only one uninspired bullet about football

So, ummm, I’m kind of a big football fan. Or not at all. In fact, I’m a little more like this guy:

So… some thoughts on the Super Bowl:

  • The little I’ve watched of the actual game has been pretty compelling.
  • Not as compelling as the East Dillon Lions.
  • Anyone who didn’t like the Groupon ads, needs a sense of humor. And needs to view the full campaign on their Save the Money site.
  • The Chevy Cruze ad with the post-first date status update was creepy. Chevy, you’re supposed to promote CARS and not STALKING.
  • Favorite ads of the game:

VW’s The Force (beautifully distributed – built HUGE social buzz ahead of time… enough so that my mother who doesn’t know how to email a YouTube link was able to tell me about it)

Chrysler’s Imported from Detroit (beautifully executed)

  • Most disgusting thing I saw all game? A-Rod feeding Cameron. Gross. (HT BuzzFeed for the screen capture)


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