My parents the urbanites

Many of my friends know that my parents recently moved from our family home in Swarthmore to Center City Philadelphia because they were ready for a change and a bit more action. As my mother told me, “you just don’t get how fun we are. We’re really fun. Everyone except you thinks we’re really hip.”

For the record, I think my parents are the most fun 64-year olds I know and I’m sure their condo building that has 11 floors of 30-somethings and 1 floor of 60-somethings is really excited to have them.

Anyway, they’re almost all unpacked and the new place is coming together:

What I like most though are the new phone calls I get from my super hip mom. Here’s an exact exchange we shared when she called me from her cell phone.

Mom: Missy! I had to call because I’m thinking of you right now!

Me: Ok… why?

Mom: Well, I’m just doing the most cool urban thing. I mean, I’ve only been a city dweller for a few days, but what I’m doing right now is just so you! I mean, I was doing this and I realized that only my cosmopolitan daughter would do this.

Me: What are you doing, Mom?

Mom: I’m walking home from work and talking on my cell phone at the same time!

Me: Ummm… okay…

Not sure what my mother looks like as the coolest, hippest, most urban woman in town?

I should add that she’s also the happiest I’ve ever heard her sound. Or at least she comes across as happy when she’s doing super cosmopolitan things like talking on her cell phone while walking around a city!!!



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3 responses to “My parents the urbanites

  1. susan untereker

    I think you missed my point–if I were still a hipster suburban mom, I couldn’t travel around chatting on my cell with you because I’d be in my car and I do NOT talk or text while driving.

    But as an urban walker, I can talk to you every day!! And if you’ll remove the awful foto, I’ll call you more :-) xxoo

  2. Mommy, this was less about the point and more about how you delivered it and your unintentional comedy that I love so much! And the picture is wonderful, it captures how happy you are these days while simultaneously discouraging phone calls! Two birds, one stone! (I love you!)

  3. Seriously your parents sound legitimately cool. I have been begging my parents to move out of the suburbs for years to Chicago and they have not budged. That picture of their new urban digs has a gorgeous view. Inspirational for sure.

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