My middle school theater career

I used to be a big deal in our community youth theater group.  If by “big deal,” you mean “significantly taller than my peers and thus forced to play a mom in the 7th grade.”  I started in 4th grade, and I, in fact, met Liz there. In 4th grade, Liz had a better part than I. That would be the last time. In 5th, 6th, and 7th grades, Liz and I had parts of equal level.  And then Anne of Green Gables happened and we experienced a major divide between the theatrically gifted (me) and the drama hoi paloi (Liz). Looks like the wound is still wide open.

me: [Redacted former castmate from middle school theater group’s Facebook status] Upper Darby High Schoolers: AUDITIONS tomorrow and Wednesday for the fall play production of “Anne of Green Gables!” 4:00 on both days. Please choose either day to attend auditions. Callbacks, if necessary, will be held on Thursday at 4:00. WOOOOOOOOO!

you should ask [redacted] who she casts as the swings

and offer to coach them to greatness

you may not remember this, but in anne of green gables

i had a major role

Liz: you could ask her if any dorky young girls need help learning how to act like old women

me: OUCH


i feel like you might still be bitter

about your inferior role

Liz: whatever

i was gertie pie for 2 nights

me: oh i was mrs. barry for 4 nights

b/c my part was so important

that it was double cast

i don’t’ know if you remember that

Liz: whatever

i confronted alison about her bulemia

so much cooler

me: oh i didn’t have time for stuff backstage

b/c i was on stage so often

w/ my huge part

that was so important

Liz: while i continued getting cooler backstage

me: well you were back there a lot

Liz: being cool

and trash talking nerds who played adults

me: easy to be cool when you’re not under the hot spotlight

Liz: wow

me: i’ve really enjoyed this exchange

i’ll probably blog it

Liz: nerds do like to blog conversations with their cooler friends

to prove they aren’t complete nerds

me: wow

seems like you’re really upset about this


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  1. I played Anne once. It was a pivotal moment in my life also. Maybe we could call “Liz” on speakerphone and act out some of our scenes to drive the nail further into the coffin.

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