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I got my nails did yesterday

Via Molls


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BJ Novak’s Webby’s Intro Speech was pretty awesome

His haircut? Not so much…

Via Business Insider

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RIP Audrey

My beloved dog Audrey passed away on Saturday and I’m struck by the level of profound sadness I’m able to feel over the loss of a 6-pound bundle of love and fluff.  Saying goodbye to a pet is such an odd experience; I almost feel guilty for being so sad.  She was just a dog!  Except she was so much more than that — and she’d be insulted if she heard me say it.

The minute we got her, Audrey was a hit with me and my mother — but it took some time for the menfolk in the family to fall for her.

In her prime, she did everything she could to keep up with our dog Houston: her mouth was too small to pick up a tennis ball and play with it the way Houston did, so she would nip at the felt covering and hold it that way.  She also took care of him in his old age — insisting on sharing a cage at the kennel and helping him find his way around when he went blind.  At the same time, she was so fancy — dry food was fine for Houston, but Audrey needed canned (and preferred Brie). Despite being so cute strangers stopped her on the street, she had a somewhat icy demeanor with them but was wildly affectionate to those she knew and loved.

Let’s just say a love of French cheese wasn’t the only thing Audrey and I had in common.

Per pound, I have never loved anything more.

Audrey, you’ll be missed, but never forgotten.

Audrey in her Christmas sweater

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My texts from last night

I celebrated my 5th reunion this weekend.  I have a notoriously low tolerance level for alcohol.  These texts came after I drank 6 glasses of red wine over the course of 5 hours.

The next text after this one was a 10 AM “how are you feeling?”  Spoiler: I wasn’t feeling well.

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When your chin needs a lift

Sport a face bra!

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Barbara, Ellie, and I talk about reunion footwear and gay pirates

Barbara: karen, can you please tell ellie that i got her a birthday present

that’s extra special

me: ?

how would i know about a birthday present you got ellie?

i only know about my leftover face mask




besides ellie’s not even here


did you see that [ellie’s brother] got rid of his bowl cut?

Barbara: WHAT

me: let me find you the photos where he looks like a gay pirate with his friend

Barbara: i thought he looked like a gay pirate even with the bowl cut

[Karen shares photos of Ellie’s brother on an inflatable pirate ship in a pool with his friend]

Barbara: whoa that’s last one is really gay and piratey

he also has a good bod


that’s ellie’s underage brother

Barbara: i know

me: and ellie can see this whole chat

Barbara: that’s why i started typing “sexy [ellie’s brother]”

and didn’t go through with it

me: oh smart

Barbara: i know

ugh you need to tell me when you decide what shoes to bring to reunion

Ellie: i’m bringing my gay pirate shoes

are you talking about shoes to bring to reunion?

me: oh, those are my favorites

Barbara: that will go well with your crtchless panties


me: barbara, when you leave the “o” out of crotchless, we know what you mean

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Let’s be serious: identity theft

Last Friday, I discovered I was the victim of identity theft — someone charged my checkcard five times (each charge 2 min apart) from Norton Antivirus for $143.09 each time.  The irony of the Norton Antivirus thing isn’t lost on me.

Anyway, Bank of America has been wonderful to deal with thus far, but I thought I’d share this infographic on ID theft anyway.

Via Bits & Pieces

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