It’s the return of JAPANARAMA MONDAY!

Why is Japanarama Monday back?  Because Unmarried Brother is leaving soon for the land of the Rising Sun (and we’re all hoping he sends us more Total Meat Packer sightings…)

While we wait for Unmarried Brother to send us more original content, let’s celebrate another reason why Japan is awesome:

What did you just watch?

The annual Naki Sumo baby crying contest took place yesterday at the Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa, Taitō, Tokyo. Amateur [sumo wrestlers try their darndest to scare the infant in their care into crying for longer than the baby being manhandled by their opponant.

The tradition dates back some 400 years, and is said to improve the babies’ health by aiding in the banishment of evil spirits.

Nice choice in future homes, Unmarried Brother!

Via The Daily What


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