Today I invented a new word


It’s when you follow a total douchebag on Twitter or Facebook just so you can comment to others about what a tool they are.  For example, there’s this one guy from our brother school who Liz and I stay friends with on Facebook just so we can comment on his ridic status updates.  For example:

The only thing better than hanging out with Jennifer Love Hewit, Christian Slater, and Elisha Cuthbert is getting paid to hang out with Jennifer Love Hewit, Christian Slater, and Elisha Cuthbert.

Or on Twitter, one of my favorites is @bchesnutt who is called the Ryan Seacrest of Detroit.  He likes to add the #mba hashtag to random tweets to remind us that he’s in grad school.  Some favorite tweets from him:

off to class. I’m 110% exhausted….. ugh #mba

My grandma voted for me in the @bchesnutt vs. @RyanSeacrest poll. awesome!

i’m giving myself a 24 hour break before planning another event…. ok… maybe 12 hours….

Anyway, feel free to start using it… you’ll be surprised how often you need it ;-)

MAJOR UPDATE: I have now become “virtually” acquainted with @bchesnutt and have determined that anyone with his sense of humor about himself can’t really be a good poster child for douchertainment.  When I get a chance, I’ll conduct a proper search for a replacement.  In the meantime, if you have good suggestions, send them my way or post in the comments!



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3 responses to “Today I invented a new word

  1. Hey Karen,

    Even though we have never met, I want to apologize for being part of the inspiration behind #douchertainment. I always thought of myself as kind of an ass, but never a douche. So, thank you for raising the red flags.

    At least you found the tweets entertaining… :)

    Take care.


  2. Aidan

    I’m pretty sure MTV had this market cornered a decade ago.

  3. As someone that knows @bchesnutt personally, I can say without a doubt that he is no douche. He is just extremely driven and passionate about what he does. It may come off a little strong, but he’s definitely good for business around here (Detroit).

    Trust me, we have plenty of douchebags around our way. E-mail me and I can suggest some replacements for you.

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