“It would be bad for U.S.-Mozambique relations…”

Some of you may remember my epic video chat with Drew.  It involved a boy named Maputo and my knowledge of Africa (and is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it in a while…)

Drew: i now have an even more entertaining story to tell

me: shoot

Drew: so as part of my new plan to be more social, i decided to attend an embassy party

an event for the navy shipmen that are visiting maputo

a happy hour social

i was dreading to go because that is just not my element

anyway, when i arrived i met outside of the compound the mozambican police officer that previously stopped me for not having my passport

he apologized profusely and then proceeded to ask for money for a soda

me: ok…

Drew: to which i respond absolutely not, it will be bad for relations between mozambique and the us

moving on

i entered the party and was indeed completely out of my element

it was a frat house full of navy shipmen drinking and playing darts

i can’t explain

me: wait

hold up

you wouldn’t give a policeman money for a soda

b/c it would be bad for us-mozambique relations?

Drew: that is the reason i gave for not wanting to give him money

he believed it and went away

me: i bet he didn’t believe it

Drew: the cops here are always looking for bribes

me: i bet he just thought you were an ass

Drew: karen, would you have given him money

that is not even a valid question, because you wouldn’t come to mozambique in the first place

me: right

Drew: anyway, i can say that i was tempted with a bribe and attended a navy shipmen drinking party all in maputo, mozambique

and furthermore met my goal of being more social

me: wait, so what happened when you were at the naval frat house?

did you play darts and drink with them?

Drew: yes, but only briefly

that is an achievement for me

and in the process i managed to meet someone

also i went on a date with a pseudo friend last week here in maputo

i met someone at another embassy party

me: you met a naval officer at a frat party?

Drew: no no

i met am embassy employee

she works in hiv/aids


of course not, there were no females on these ships

me: honestly, i’m very confused

If anyone can make sense of this for me, I’d appreciate it!



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2 responses to ““It would be bad for U.S.-Mozambique relations…”

  1. I don’t know what your friend Drew is doing in Mozambique, but I would give three years of my life to go to a drinking party of Naval officers. JEALOUS.

  2. Eric

    I suspect that the night at with Naval officers at port with prove to be a defining point in Drew’s life…

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