A PG-13 rated evening

My old age is catching up to me and after big nights out Friday and Saturday, I decided to pass on going out with Matt (aka @theinstantwin) when he came down from NYC last night.  Matt, however, despite being much, much, much older than I am, still went out and had a number of “old man” moments.

I think, however, that I ended up the big winner because a) I’m fully functional this morning and b) I got to have the following exchanges of texts with Matt last night…

Matt: at a bar in georgetown. bouncer looked at me in disbelief when he saw my ID. don’t think they serve 25 and overs here.

Karen: Jesus.  Which one?

Matt: rhino. but i’m reading the sign over the door as rhi-nobody over 25… *ba dum chh*

Karen: Yeah, that has a rep w/ high schoolers, so you’re way old

Matt: someone just thought my job was “like… fucking ill.”  fml.

Matt: breaking: invited into girls bathroom to take a shot out of plastic bottle of something someone smuggled in. dignity on the line…

Karen: Keep me posted. I’m blogging all of this

Matt: i tried to twitpic me and plastic sauza bottle. deemed inappropriate in girls bathroom though…

Matt: uh… david the gnome is an urban legend here.

Karen: I wouldn’t mention fraggle rock then

Matt: fraggles wouldn’t be ID’d here.

Matt: pre-med at georgetown threw up outside… facebooking her to make sure I don’t get operated on.

Matt: update: now in an apt. with mock-ikea furniture. this is an official plea for help.

Karen (sent at 9:30 this morning): Ummm did you survive?

Matt: I did – but i’ve been looking around justin’s apartment and it’s confirmed: dignity is nowhere to be found.

Karen: Yeah you definitely left that in Georgetown. And maybe in 2009…


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  1. hahaha hilarious. I would have replied sooner, but I was too busy proving to the bouncer that my ID wasn’t chalked.

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