A letter from me

Dear Readers,

I’ve heard from many of my friends and family that they’re disappointed in my recent lack of posting.  Neighbors, best friends, cousins, and strangers all said “you need to post more, I get bored at work” and “I never got a birthday tribute.”  No one asked why I hadn’t posted recently or commented that I’d missed my two-year blogiversary on December 17, 2009.

Here’s the thing: I haven’t been happy with the content of this blog for a while.  I keep meaning to post more and be more thoughtful and write more and tell more anecdotes.  I save links and videos.  You send me great things to share with everyone else.

And I get busy (ironically with a job in social media) and I get tired and then I don’t do it.

I’ve promised to be better this year and to take the pressure off myself; I don’t have to make this blog better, I just have to maintain what I have since I do enjoy it.

I don’t have to remember everyone’s birthday — although apologies to Mom, Dad, Liz P, Sarah, Mike, Barbara, and a little bit to Paul.  FYI, Paul and I are no longer friends and I’m no longer converting for marrying him so if you’re a single dermatologist over 5’10” — call me.

I’m just going to keep posting and you can keep reading.  And when I post less, you can berate me — because that’s exactly what I’d do to you.




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