Alexander Hamilton has always been my favorite Founding Father

Do you have a $10 bill on you?  Okay fine, I don’t carry cash either, but next time you get one, take a look at the portrait of Alexander Hamilton and ask yourself — how handsome is this guy?

Here are some non-political reasons to totally heart Hamilton:

  1. He’s super hot (yeah, that’s right, I said it)
  2. He knew a little something about sword fighting (although not enough to stay alive)***
  3. He’s the namesake of a NESCAC school (not one of the important ones, but still…)
  4. He inspired Lin Manuel Miranda to write this poem/rap (basically the best thing EVER):

***UPDATE: Yes, I got confused and thought he died in a sword duel and not a pistol duel.  I’m blaming Hamilton’s famous quote: “When the sword is once drawn, the passions of men observe no bounds of moderation”***



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5 responses to “Alexander Hamilton has always been my favorite Founding Father

  1. Aidan

    I think you mean “dueling,” not “sword fighting.”

  2. Aidan, if you’re interested in historical accuracy, you’re on the wrong blog.

    • Elena

      I’m with Aidan on this one.

      Another reason for your list – he part of one of the best ever “Got Milk” ads.

      Also – he started the national debt and taxed alcohol. So theoretically he fits right in with today’s Republicans.

  3. Sarah

    you know lin was my brother’s freshman year roommate at Wesleyan right?

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