Birthday Tribute: Liz

It was Liz’s birthday yesterday and I owed her a birthday tribute.  Usually I just post a picture and tell you how much I love the person, but Liz and I have a special relationship.  So I’ve decided to tell you the top 5 reasons I love her:

  1. She was a really talented actress in 4th grade! In 4th grade, Liz was Toodles the Lost Boy in Peter Pan.  I was an unnamed Lost Boy.  Subsequent roles were a little less robust with Liz playing an orphan in Oliver, the mayor’s daughter (made up part) in Bye Bye Birdie, and the understudy to the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz.  But you should know she started at the top.
  2. She had a whole separate birthday party in 8th grade just so that I could be invited to one! In 8th grade, Liz and I both transferred to Baldwin from Strath Haven Middle School.  Liz’s Strath Haven friends told her they wouldn’t go to her birthday party if I was there (because I was a nerd), so Liz threw a separate party for her new Baldwin friends.  Wasn’t that nice of her?  She also told me all of the horrible rumors that had been spread about me while I’d been in public school that I didn’t know about…
  3. She’s teaching me to become a really great Philean. It’s not going particularly well, but she gets bonus points for trying so hard.
  4. She supports, enables, and pushes my online stalking. Seriously, if we had gym class together in 6th grade, Liz and I are probably trying to find out exactly what you’re up to.  Also, if Liz has friended you on Facebook and you don’t know why because you haven’t talked since 6th grade… it’s probably because we wanted to stalk your profile.
  5. She tolerates all of my neuroses. Seriously, if you think I’m bad with you, you should know that I’m officially 10x worse with Liz.  Promise.

Here’s to all the good times we’ve shared, Liz:




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4 responses to “Birthday Tribute: Liz

  1. Eric

    You girls look…fun…

  2. Lydia

    Minor correction: Liz was in *Children’s Chorus* with me in Bye Bye Birdie…and she was the only reason it was mildly bearable (I will never forgive YPTW for putting the two of us with the elementary school kids. WTF???) Best story was Liz driving home with her mom, passing me walking home in costume, and Liz’s mom saying “why do her parents have her dressed that way….?”

    • Liz

      Amazing commentary, Lydia. I still have a really clear image of you walking home in that costume. It was really so sad. All of our friends were in teen chorus and we had to play little girls. I think Karen was in the senior’s chorus…

      • Ummm… I was in the ADULT’s chorus, not the SENIOR’s chorus. Geez. I had a hot June Cleaver outfit and played my part so well that the next year I was a double cast speaking part in “Anne of Green Gables.”

        Check yourself before you wreck yo’self, Gertie Pye’s understudy.


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