Happy Birthday, Married Brother!

It’s Married Brother’s big day (and Lance Armstrong’s… someone with whom I know he is proud to share a birthday).  Want to know what Married Brother looks like when he’s celebrating something?


Anyway, as I always say, I have the two greatest brothers in the world.  In honor of this one though, I figured I’d share part of the toast I gave at his rehearsal dinner:

Despite always loving my brothers, I haven’t always liked them.  [Married Brother] is 8 years older than I am so he’s always been a few steps ahead of me.  In some ways, he set the bar high and in other circumstances, he lowered the bar several notches.  It’s not worth it to go into details on the latter point, but, suffice it to say, my artistic career never got off the ground thanks to Mrs. Litt resenting anyone who bore the last name of her beloved puppet’s murderer.

By the time I was a freshman at Williams, [Married Brother] hadn’t lived with us for seven years and we weren’t as close as I would have liked.  I took our “distance” into my own hands and sent [Married Brother] a children’s book about good communication skills disguised in an extended metaphor about passing the ball back when someone passes the ball to you.  Apparently the heart of the message was lost on [Married Brother] because he turned that book into an excuse to make fun of me ad nauseum.  Little did he know that making fun of me brought us closer together, and for the rest of college, I counted on [Married Brother] to give me great advice and encouragement.  He’s a wonderfully supportive person and his sense of humor brings levity to any situation.

Anyway, happy happy happy birthday to my favorite OLDEST brother ;-)


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