This week in burgers…

Two interesting things:

“American consumers take their burgers seriously,” Technomic executive vice president Darren Tristano said in a statement. “It may be one area of food service where they are less willing to cut back, despite the current economic environment. They expect to pay more for a higher quality, better burger, and are willing to do so because the value proposition is heightened.”

  • The World’s Record for the Biggest Burger was broken/set/whatever.  It’s 185 pounds, costs $499, but is free if you eat it in 20 minutes.  If you do eat it in 20 minutes, let me know and I’ll get you my dad’s number since you’ll likely need cardiac care.



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2 responses to “This week in burgers…

  1. Do you know of some sort of nationwide directory of awesome burgers, perchance? Because ever since I moved to my new area, I’ve been trying to find a good burger to eat. And not just any good burger. I’m talking about the kind of burger that punches you in the face and says, “I’m a burger!” The only problem is that everywhere I’ve gone, the burgers have been lackluster.

  2. Josh, I know where you’re coming from. When I moved to DC, my moving man said “do you like burgers? The best burger in the area is nearby” and sent me to some terrible horrible bar with one of the least impressive burgers of my life.

    I recommend A Hamburger Today — it’s Serious Eats’ burger blog and includes all burger news and lets you search by location. They tend to include every other site’s rankings/lists:

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