Someone’s sassy

So as a reminder, for you all:

  • I do not know how to parallel park a car
  • Deal with it

In an effort to kick a girl when she’s down, Mike found some sort of parallel parking prodigy.

Mike: feel inferior?

5:15 PM me: always
5:16 PM Mike: did you watch the video i gchatted you?
me: i just watched the one you gchatted
Mike: awesome
me: and appreciate you reminding me of my shortcomings
5:17 PM Mike: lil miss sensitive
5:18 PM me: for the record, i could parallel park a car that size
i think
but maybe only in a space for a normal car
With that, I receive the following email attachment — subject line: “The Record has been amended”
The RecordGlad it’s official.
If you can’t read the text, it says “Karen could match a six-year-old’s accomplishment of parallel parking a toy car.”
Whatever, I think it’s great that I have limited parking skills — it makes me a little more accessible to the unwashed masses.


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5 responses to “Someone’s sassy

  1. Aidan

    How did you pass your PA driving test?

  2. The instructor told me he liked Catholic school girls (I was still in my Baldwin uniform) and parallel parked the car for me.

  3. Eric

    I was going to send you that link, but I’m trying to insult you less. I’m glad Mike is picking up the slack.

  4. you should delete this or mommy won’t lend you her car either.
    besides it’s old news and boring. what’s next? the 10 years you spent learning to ride a bike?
    bring on more guido material.

  5. Aidan

    somewhat expedient you ignored the slur on the Baldwin School, which is decidedly non sectarian?

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