If I had to go down, I was kicking Unmarried Brother on the way

We’ve been having an Unterekless Family Civil War (a.k.a. playing Risk on Facebook).  I should state that Dad chose not to participate (Risk is NOT his game — he has *maybe* flipped the board after being heckled by his wife).  Mom was not invited in the first place because either a) Married Brother was causing trouble OR b) none of us wanted to be heckled either.

For some reason, call it skill, luck, or the fact that he has more experience fighting imaginary wars than the rest of us combined, Unmarried Brother took over South America and Africa within two rounds.  I think I’d only played four or five rounds when my turn came up today.

Talk about a depressing world:

Pre Attack

Clearly having a baby left Married Brother and New Sister unprepared for a game this ruthless.

I could do two things

  1. Take out Brad, get his cards, and channel Wilson Phillips [“hold on for one more day…”]
  2. Try and hit Unmarried Brother as hard as possible on my way out

Obvi I chose #2:

Post Attack

Risk is so 2008.  I’m ready to move on to Monopoly.


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