Discussing JDate with Evan

My status message on gchat today read: “Not sure how I ended up on the National Pork Board’s listserve, but I’m kind of proud!” which prompted this exchange

Evan: you’ll never be accepted by a jewish mother-in-law now

7:45 PM me: ha!
Evan: but i had a pork taco for dinner
and a cheeseburger for lunch
so i can’t really talk
7:53 PM me: wait, you’re not the perfect jew?
i’m so disillusioned!
Evan: whoa, way to judge
7:56 PM according to my jdate profile, i’m am most certainly the perfect jew
me: well i’m sure that lie is the least of your worries on your jdate profile
7:57 PM Evan: haha, i probably shouldn’t have mentioned my million dollar apartment so many times

Then later tonight, I received this email from the same King of JDate:

Things my jdate profile can say…

1.  I eat pork, but I don’t date heffers…



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2 responses to “Discussing JDate with Evan

  1. Eric

    I hate you for this Karen, but I have to say I miss Evan.

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