My letter to Meghan McCain

Friend of Unterekless Thoughts, Catherine Favazza, is on vacation this week and wisely found blog coverage.  I’m the first of five women to cover for her and I used the opportunity to write Meghan McCain a letter.


I am a conservative and I don’t like you.  However, every time a conservative criticizes you, you quickly make it about something else — your weight, your “pro-sex” attitude, the fact that you didn’t take econ in college, etc.  While I appreciate your media-savvy, I want to be clear: you’re wrong on all of the above.

As a social media buff who’s very much pro-transparency, I was a big fan of you and your blog during the election.  I thought you did a better job of making your mother seem relaxed and personable than anyone on your father’s campaign staff and I appreciated the behind-the-scenes perspective you brought to the campaign.

Then something happened: your dad lost and you decided to become the spokesperson for “young, progressive Republicans.”  The mainstream media loves you because they get to have a “Republican” come on their show and you sit there and bash Republicans for them.  Win-win for the “liberal media elite” as your friend, Sarah Palin, would say.

Who loses in that exchange?  I do.  I’m a young Republican who would like our party to create a cohesive substantive message.  I believe our ideas are better and that we’re just not communicating them as well.  I believe now is the time for smaller government, reigned in spending, tax cuts, and continued strong national defense.  I look to the loudest voices in our party to reinforce these ideas.  All I can hope is that the people on my side of the aisle who do have a platform use it to talk about the heavy issues our nation faces and the strong leaders we have who can solve these problems (cough, cough, Mitt Romney, cough, cough).

So that’s really why I don’t like you Meghan: you’re the most prominent young Republican in America.  And instead of talking about our country, you talk about your bra size.  When you could be sharing your concern that our country is barreling towards socialism, you share YouTube videos.  Rather than writing about defense spending cuts proposed by this administration, you you write about bouncers giving you secret Republican winks.

When people call you vapid, Meghan, it’s not because of your blonde hair; it’s because you’re in the position to speak to big ideas and you waste it.  It’s ironic to me that the daughter of the man who claimed he put “Country First,” seems to only think about herself.

That’s it.

PS: If you got this far and want to stay in touch, Meghan, you can read my blog: Unterekless Thoughts or you can check out the daily conservative reading list I post at the American Issues Project blog.  And feel free to unblock me on Twitter anytime.


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One response to “My letter to Meghan McCain

  1. Tracy

    Excellent letter. I hope she reads it and that it’s part of the wake-up call that she obviously needs.

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