JAPANARAMA MONDAY: I turn into Christmas Cake tomorrow… :-(

In Japan, Christmas cake is more than just a pastry:

So, yeah, since I turn 26 tomorrow (and I’m unmarried, with no plans to marry today)… I’m officially undesirable in Japan:

In Japan, age counts.    Especially if you are a woman.    The ideal of feminine beauty in Japan is youth and innocence.    Plus, there’s a lot of pressure on women to get married.    So, if you’re an unmarried woman, and heading towards thirty, we’d say that you’re being “left on the shelf” or maybe “past your sell-by date”.

In Japan though, they compare such women to a “Christmas Cake”.    It may well be sweet and delicious, but no one really wants any after the 25th.    So, if you’re an unmarried Japanese woman, after the age of twenty five, you’re in extreme danger of becoming a Christmas Cake.

While this is pretty depressing news, the upside is I’m probably not attracted to any one who is that familiar with this term.  (I’m anticipating an accusation from Eric that I’m anti-Asian, but this was actually because I’m anti-short men and the average man in Japan is 5’7.2″).

You can cheer me up by saying something nice to me tomorrow and/or sending me a gift.  It’s not too late to overnight something!

Definition courtesy of this mildly questionable Japanese glossary


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