EW slideshows make me so happy

I don’t know who runs Entertainment Weekly’s website, but they do a better job of delivering content I want, but didn’t know I wanted, of any site around.

Take, for example, today’s “18 MTV VJs: Where are they now?”

I mean, other than the fact that they missed a few I was curious about (but, again, didn’t know I was curious about), I feel like I was reintroduced to people I used to see daily, like:

  • Quddus
  • Suchin Pak
  • Ray Munns – who is apparently part Korean
  • Tabitha Soren – who married Moneyball author, Michael Lewis
  • Simon Rex

So the big question is… why no Jesse Camp?  Wikipedia says he is currently a tele-fundraiser and is married.  No comment.


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One response to “EW slideshows make me so happy

  1. Aidan

    interesting that SIRIUS/XM Satellite Radio has snapped up the “original VJs” and that they seem to be DJing now. Video killed the radio star, indeed?

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