Meet your first Unterekkie winner of 2009:


It’s Eric!

Eric wins for:

  • Suggesting Japanarama Mondays
  • Encouraging me to be more sensitive to other cultures
  • Submitting links of consistent and varied quality — most of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent came from Eric
  • Having great taste in food and bad taste in television (consistent with the entire essence of Unterekless-ness)
  • Promising to take me and Elena to Restaurant Wars when Top Chef films in DC
  • Being my friend now even though we were NOT friends in college

The path to an Unterekkie is long, arduous, and highly subjective.  Think about that as you go for your own Unterekkie this year.

Future Unterekkies will be awarded definitely in December and potentially before then if I feel like it.





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8 responses to “FIRST UNTEREKKIE OF 2009!

  1. Mike

    I find it very ironic that I was cheated out of an Unterekkie that I rightfully deserved and the picture of the award winner was taken with a Medieval Times hat on WHEN I’M THE ONE WHO CAME UP WITH THAT BRILLIANT BIRTHDAY IDEA!

  2. WHOA. I really resent the suggestions that the Unterekkie is “pay to play.”

    Eric’s been a regular contributor, while Mike has been a bit erratic lately. Sorry.

    And I think the “rightfully deserved” attitude is the kind of thing that may have turned off the selection committee… although I can’t speak for everyone on it.

  3. Mike

    Thanks, Elena, for putting this all in a perspective. It finally makes sense.

  4. You know, I really think both of you need to think about how you’re being perceived right now.

    Neither of you has congratulated Eric on his victory and instead you’re making false accusations and pointing fingers.

    I’m not sure if I should get rid of the Unterekkies entirely or be grateful that giving one to Eric was able to heal the divide between you two.

  5. Mike

    Congratulating Eric would be like congratulating the unathletic kid at camp who gets the Most Improve Player trophy just so he feels honored as well.

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