Best of the Best

The joy I experienced last night when “Man in the Mirror” met “Angel of Harlem” led me to think (briefly) about what songs make me happiest and I created this playlist this morning:

Picture 9

Some quick thoughts:

  • Interesting that only two women make the list…
  • Two are the obvious result of timing — “I’ll Go Crazy” and “The Way You Make Me Feel” might not make the cut a year from now
  • Really randomly, the play count on “Glory Days” is at 0 — but I know I listen to the song a lot… which means I must never listen to it all the way to the end.  Strange, right?
  • I literally slapped this together off the top of my head — although that approach might make it more accurate?
  • Now that I’m looking more closely, I feel like I need to add some old school Mariah (“Dreamlover?”)

Anyway, I’ll be refining over the next few days and will keep you posted, but my goal is to keep the playlist at 25 songs max.


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