Yes, fine, that was me you read about in the “Monocacy Monocle”

So at Boots’ polo bachelorette, I found time to stop and give an interview.  Normally, I try and limit my interactions with the press, but, well, I was bored and muddy and willing to say yes.  I’m featured prominently under Michael Johns from American Idol fame… a position I’m very happy to be in again.*

“It’s been less polo than I expected and more event,” observed Karen Untereker of Pennsylvania, when there had been only about twenty minutes of the sport by 6:00 p.m. Untereker was one of a group of ten “polo virgins” gathered for the bachelorette party of UVA student Betsy Flint. They had moved tents due to mud. Nonetheless, the group said they enjoyed the food, wine, and people-watching.

You can read the whole article here (Michael Johns and I are on page 12), but I’ll be honest when I tell you it’s not worth the click.

*Apologies if I’ve offended my mother with the innuendo.  I know she has fragile sensibilities.

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