You tell me: what’s in Riverside, CA?

So I perform a lovely service for all you fine blog readers where I tell you lots of things that I’m assuming making you feel more relevant/in-the-know/self-confident/etc.  Here’s your chance to tell me something:

What is in Riverside, CA that made it such a popular destination for educated youth?

The WSJ has a whole article on these youth metropolises growing up and included this chart:

I did less than 2 minutes of research and found no answer… so seriously, what’s the appeal?  I even tried out that new search engine Wolfram Alpha and found it useless:

Picture 3

I feel like Wolfram Alpha is the World Book Encyclopedia of search engines.  I’ve been big time underwhelmed… but that has nothing to do with my original query.



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2 responses to “You tell me: what’s in Riverside, CA?

  1. David Heineman

    I think saying that people are moving to Riverside is really just saying that they’re moving to the expanding, affordable part of LA.

  2. As a native of (and refugee from) Smoggyside, I can safely tell you that only a masochist would voluntarily move there. The place really should be plowed under — and soon!

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