Drug runner wanted

I’ve been getting a lot of “job postings” slipping through my gmail spam filter, but this one caught my eye:

Interested in working for a dynamic and fast growing company in one of the most prospective market spheres? Then this message is for you! We are looking for a reliable and hard-working person, who will become an integral part of our team, an important link between the clients and thecompany itself. The position is intuitively understandable, however, it will require high attention to details, extreme accuracy and perfect self-organization and motivation. You must be able to work independently, but not hesitating to ask for additional information or instructions. An ideal candidate must also possess the following qualities: – U.S. work authorization. – developed communication skills; – ability to solve problems and provide critical reasoning; – detail-oriented approach; – being a fast learner. We guarantee you: – free training and phone support; – excellent salary and compensation (bonus) package; – comfortable work environment – work from your home. Your income level will based solely on your personal performance. All positions will be filled immediately due to our recent expansion.

I’m pretty sure they’re looking for a drug mule.  Any other guesses?



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2 responses to “Drug runner wanted

  1. Aidan

    drug mule would involve travel, not “working from home.”

  2. Eric

    Being a drug mule also doesn’t come with a “comfortable work environment.” not that I would know…just guessing…

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