A weekend in Williamstown (a.k.a. finally being able to answer the question: “Did you like it?”)

I went back to Williams for the first time since graduation this weekend to help get started planning my 5th reunion in 2010!  Whenever discussing college with people I’ve just met, they inevitably ask “did you like it?” and I find it such a difficult question to answer. Allow me to explain in bullet points:

  • I grew up with Williams a part of my life — my father and uncle both attended — so not only did I have a stuffed purple, but I went to Williams/Amherst basketball games frequently.
  • All three Williams songs (The Mountains, Yard by Yard, and Come Fill Your Glasses Up) were part of the family car trip singalong repertoire.  Moreover, because my father holds no bias when it comes to music, we always sang the Amherst school song too.  (In his defense, it is a good song, although I can’t find the lyrics anywhere).
  • Married Brother went there and had an incredible time, but I went there and wasn’t so happy.  I loved my high school and struggled to find a way to be myself and be happy/productive/successful at school.
  • Despite being super involved at school, I looked at transferring and decided to study abroad for a full year instead.
  • I came back and had a pretty decent senior year, but wasn’t that sad to say goodbye.
  • Now, four years out, I realize that regardless of whether I was the happiest on campus, Williams has given me some of my best friends in the world.
  • More indicative of what makes Williams special, some of my best friends I’ve made since leaving are Williams people who I wasn’t friends with while in college (and in some cases, didn’t like at all).

So with that said, how can I not like a place that seems to find the greatest people in the world? And I’m so excited to help make our reunion (June 11-13, 2010) the best ever.  I may even pop up to spy on this year’s reunion!  As Elena said (accidentally): “The ’05s are going DOWN!”*

*In her defense, who doesn’t get a little confused during drunken candlepin bowling in the Faculty Club basement?


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