Some things you should know

I’ve had a couple of links I’ve been meaning to share (some since Friday) and I’m officially lazy enough to just put them all in one post:

  1. Some guys in Chicago have put together The Cheeseburger Show.  Since I completely agree with them that there’s nothing more patriotic than eating a cheeseburger, and since I already have a thing for Doug from Hot Doug’s, I am, obviously, an early fan.
  2. Yankees Stadium and Citi Field are put head to head in a taste test.  Not surprising, considering Danny Meyer’s involvement, Citi Field wins.  Extremely surprising, considering Danny Meyer’s involvement, El Verano Taqueria puts it over the top and not Blue Smoke.  (H/T Aidan)
  3. The NY Post wants to know why we’re not more suspicious of Susan Boyle.  I’m going to stay a believer in the frumpy dumpy 47-year old virgin with the voice of an angel until I get more evidence than they’ve offered…
  4. The father of the youngest Latika in Slumdog Millionaire is apparently trying to sell her.  Gross.
  5. Fred Durst went to Medieval Times, which in my opinion makes Medieval Times just barely cooler than still listening to Limp Bizkit.


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  1. stressfreekids

    Like an angel plucking the string of a harp, her song struck a heart chord that could be felt around the world. When Susan Boyle sang on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, the world stood still. Young and old, successful or struggling, popular or outcast, happy or sad. We were all covered in the same blanket of hope, love, and joy. We all heard the same heart song. With one breath, our potential was unleashed, our perceptions were destroyed, and a new net of dreams were cast over us…

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