American Idol Recap: Top 7 Week (Movie Soundtracks)

This week’s theme is songs from the movies and Quentin Tarantino, Idol fan extraordinaire, is the mentor. According to Married Brother, “Quentin is looking a little creepy, but I liked his comments.” I actually enjoyed most of the evening. Enjoy the panel’s picks below and then, as usual, find full comments after the jump.


  • Bottom Three: Kris Allen, Lil Rounds, Mat Giraud
  • Going Home: Kris Allen
  • Best of the Night: Anoop Desai and Adam Lambert


  • Bottom Three: Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Danny Gokey
  • Going Home: Lil Rounds. If anyone else is voted off, they will be saved.
  • Best of the Night: Adam Lambert. I hate to say it but he was just miles upon miles better than anyone else.

Married Brother

  • Bottom Three: Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen.
  • Going Home: Despite Simon slamming Lil Rounds, I think Matt Giraud is going home. I don’t think the voters can take his forehead growth for any more weeks.
  • Best of the Night: Adam Lambert.


  • Bottom Three: Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds
  • Going Home: Despite being the best of the three, I’m going Kris Allen
  • Best of the Night: I actually thought Kris Allen was despite Randy’s negative feedback, but I still think he’s going to be bottom three. Allison Iraheta was second best… I really couldn’t handle Adam Lambert tonight, sorry.

We start off with the worst news ever: only two judges will speak per performance… I am really not pleased about this. As Married Brother said, “I don’t understand why Idol can’t get the whole time thing right. How many seasons have they been doing this? It’s more popular than every other show…” Agreed. 99% of the changes this season have been terrible decisions… get it together, Idol.

Allison Iraheta’s up first with “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” It was a very good performance, but I was kind of bored. Paula thinks she has the same special sauce as Adam Lambert and Simon says she’s the girls’ only hope left in the common. Simon also is now seeing a little more self-confidence and he thinks we could see her all the way through to the end.

Anoop Desai sang “Everything I Do, I Do It For You.” I don’t remember Quentin Tarantino’s advice, but my mother thought he ignored it. Anoop had a really smooth start, but it got screechy towards the end. I liked it, but didn’t love it. As Barbara commented (and Married Brother has said before), he just seems like the best Springstreeter, but not necessarily an Idol. Kara thinks he really stands out singing pop songs with soul.

Adam Lambert performed “Born to be Wild” and I really hated it. Too much screaming and way too theatrical for me. Yes, Adam is a polished performer who commands the stage, but why do I care if he’s commanding when I hate what he actually does?! Katie appreciated the performance for what it was: “I still don’t really like Adam’s voice, but there’s no denying that he’s a great performer who puts on an incredible show. I probably wouldn’t buy his CD, but I would love to attend his concert.” Paula says he dares to dance in the path of greatness. Simon thought in parts it was like the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rightly so, Simon called the performance polarizing and said that it wouldn’t be as popular as last week’s. Per usual, I agree with Simon. Married Brother continues to love Lambert, but is suspicious of his motives: “Adam put on another one man performance this week. It’s like a professional production. He’s good, but the cynic in me thinks he’s going to make his performances so out there that he alienates viewers and then is free to sign whichever record label he pleases after the Idol.”

Matt Giraud went with “To Really Love a Woman” and was back on the piano. Here’s the thing: it started out BEAUTIFULLY, but ended up a mess. Katie summed it up well: “I loved the first half of Matt’s song and was so excited to buy it on iTunes, but was completely disappointed with the second half of his performance.” Randy wasn’t a fan especially since it got pitchy at the bridge. Randy also thought he did “too much stuff to it.” Kara said that rock just doesn’t work for him.

Danny Gokey was next with “Endless Love.” I have to say, I liked it because it was toned down he’s been, but I still hate him. Paula thought he did well from the middle through the end. Simon was disappointed that it was so boring. Boring for Simon was actually really moving for Katie: “I don’t know how Danny got through that song without crying; I had tears in my eyes! It wasn’t a perfect performance, but the emotion was so raw.” Katie, Danny’s so used to pimping his dead wife, he probably doesn’t know how to show real feelings ;-)

Kris Allen sang “Falling Slowly” and I really thought it was just beautiful Then again, it’s an absolutely amazing song. Randy never got it. He thought it was pitchy from note one. Randy also didn’t think it helped to choose an obscure song… ummm Randy, it won an Oscar, it’s not that obscure. Kara called it one of his best performances ever.

Finally, we had Lil Rounds in the pimp spot singing “The Rose.” For the record, Barbara was hoping Lil would go home before even hearing Lil sing. Whoever styled her hair did a terrible job she looked like the abandoned love child of Cleopatra and Sherri Shepard. She had some major major pitch problems when she tried to go gospel on us. As my father said, “some songs were just not meant to be jazzed up.” Paula thought the lyrics were beautiful… which was particularly helpful since Lil didn’t write the song. Simon told her she’s getting the whole thing wrong and is not the artist they met several weeks ago. Married Brother agrees with Simon: “Lil is just clueless. Simon is right that she continues to show she’s not an artist.” Seriously, Lil, they’ve told you to go Mary J for the last month… why are you singing Bette Midler?


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  1. Eric

    re: Married Brother’s supicion- I thought there was some rule in their contract that if they made it to some point in the competition, they had to sign with the AI label or wait a year or something.

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