The different kinds of people there are

Elena shared this with me last week… and it’s amazing.  It’s a list of all the different kinds of people there are.  Here are some examples, but you really really need to read the whole thing:

People Who Don’t Watch TV

Symbolically not doing something for the sake of not doing it is almost never evidence of sophistication. It is evidence of not knowing what you’re fucking talking about. Are we really still having this conversation? Television is a part of the cultural landscape at this point—a lot of it is good. A lot of it is bad, some of which is also good. You know, LIKE ALL THINGS MADE BY HUMANS? Obviously it is also a good idea to go outside once in a while. But the presence of a television in your home does not make that decision for you. You make it. Feel free to still go outside at any time.

People Who Will Just Have a Bite of Whatever You’re Having

Please, please, please just order your own lasagna.

People Who Studied Abroad in a Third-World Country


I feel like the list is missing a few others.  Some that I might add include:

  1. People who post lame song lyrics as their AIM/Gchat/Facebook status. We get it… you have a poet’s soul AND don’t listen to mainstream music.  That said, if I’m not talking to you about your feelings already, I probably don’t care enough about them to try and interpret what that Dar Williams lyric says about you.
  2. People who are total Obama evangelists, but don’t actually follow current events. This seriously isn’t a judgment just because you voted for him and I didn’t… it’s really more of a judgment that you feel the need to force your opinion on me, but yet have no sound backing for your opinion.  You want to push a candidate or an issue on someone?  Then read the news/offer some support.
  3. People who use ellipses instead of completing their thoughts. Guilty… obviously.
  4. White kids who try and pretend they’re all interesting and multicultural, but aren’t. You don’t get to put a “u” in “color” and “favorite” because your father is South African.  You also don’t get to speak with a Scottish accent because you were born there, but oh, wait, no one in your family has an accent and actually you moved from Scotland before you could speak.

So those are some of my additions… anyone I missed?


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One response to “The different kinds of people there are

  1. Sarah

    that list is one of the funnier things i have read in a long while haha.

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