American Idol Recap: Top 8 Week (Songs from Year of Birth)

Well, all songs tonight are from contestant’s birth years, but because of the age restrictions, it’s basically just mediocre hits from the 80’s. In an effort to go along with the music, Kara is dressed like an 80’s mall chick… so there’s that.

Panel picks are below and full recap is after the jump!


  • Bottom Three: Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds, Kris Allen (in that order)
  • Going Home: Scott MacIntyre, Blind Man’s time is up!
  • Best of the Night: Adam Lambert, Matt Giraud, Allison Iraheta


  • Bottom Three: Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, Kris Allen (not necessarily in that order)
  • Going Home: Folks need to get past their sympathy and send Scott MacIntyre home. He’s had an impressive run, but he can’t sustain competing with everyone else
  • Best of the Night: Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud, and Adam Lambert with the top pick being Adam

Married Brother

  • Bottom Three: Lil Rounds (we didn’t need to hear the judge’s comments to know what they were going to say), Scott MacIntyre (enough of the sympathy votes, he’s just not going to be a star. And, he’s really weird), and Kris Allen (just boring).
  • Going Home: Lil Rounds deserves to go, but I can’t see America leaving only one girl in the competition. I think Scott MacIntyre and Kris Allen have niche fan groups who will still vote for them. I’m going cynical and will say Matt Giraud is going home undeservedly. He’s been getting no love from the fans, getting thirds from the Lambert/Gokey hordes, and that’s won’t keep him in the competition.
  • Best of the Night: Adam Lambert (with Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta as runners up)


  • Bottom Three: Kris Allen, Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre
  • Going Home: I’m going Scott MacIntyre, but I’d love to get rid of super cute, but super boring Kris.
  • Best of the Night: Adam Lambert with Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta in a distance second and third place

We begin with Danny Gokey who’s singing “Stand By Me” – a total cop out since it’s not technically from his birth year. I thought it was his worst performance ever: pitchy, weird riffs, and way oversung. Frankly, all of my thoughts about Okey Gokey are summed up in this blog post. Eric agrees with me and still hates Gokey. Danny made Randy love his performance despite not loving the arrangement. Simon thought it was great overall. Wait… seriously?

Kris Allen went with “All She Wants to Do Is Dance.” First of all, Kris doesn’t give a good interview. The whole thing was very wedding singer/bad cover band. Eric felt bad that he chose such a bad song. Kara liked that he went up tempo but said it felt like jazz/funk homework for music class. Paula said he’s one of the most likeable contestants ever. Simon, per usual, hit the nail on the head and called it boring and indulgent. We did get a great Simon interaction with the audience: someone shouted “Chris you’re hot” and Simon responded “well so am I, but it’s not about that.”

Lil Rounds delivered a great karaoke take on “What’s Love Got to Do with It.” Eric thought she was “just trying to be a star.” Paula agreed with me in calling it karaoke. Simon felt it was a “ghastly copycat” performance and told her to be more original.

Anoop Desai sang “True Colors” in a cute green cardigan. Loves it. I have to say, I enjoyed it until he decided to start riffing. Katie hadn’t been an Anoop fan before, but “might buy his version of True Colors on iTunes.” Eric thought it was a “nice vocal, but boring.” Randy gave him props for being very controlled. Simon called him out on his yo-yo performances.

Scott MacIntyre decided to funk it up by performing “The Search Is Over” with an electric guitar. Wow. Here’s the first thing, hearing him sing “I can see forever” makes me uncomfortable. More uncomfortable was my mother doing an impression of a blind person while Scott was singing. Scott is sub-par; he was off-pitch and awkward. Eric thought his responses to the judges were sassy and said they “wouldn’t take that much lip from a seeing person.” Paula gave him credit for stepping away from the piano, but Simon told him to go back to the piano. Frankly, the only place he needs to go is home.

Allison Iraheta looks like “a meth addict” according to Unmarried Brother (Married Brother won’t be pleased with that). She performed “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and it was easily the best performance of the night, although some part of it made me uncomfortable. Katie thinks it may have been the lyrics: “Call me old-fashioned, but a 16-year-old should not be singing lyrics like “lay down with me” and “turn down the bed.” That said, her voice was strong and, to my dismay, she pulled it off.” Married Brother sees more future potential in Allison: “I have loved Allison from the beginning and I think you have to look at her as the most marketable, or as they say in sports, has the most up-side. She’s 16, raw talent, distinctive voice, and just needs the proper handling to mold her into a star. I can’t see her winning AI, but she could be the big winner in 15 years.” Simon thought it was really good and told her she needs to be more likable. Randy said she’s like Kelly Clarkson.

Matt Giraud was the most personable he’s ever been. He delivered a fantastic performance of “Part Time Lover.” While he was dressed a little douche-ily, he really hit it out of the park and made me wish I had a t-shirt that says “Giraud Squad.” Eric thought it was “good, but the beginning was better than the end.” Kara called it incredible on every level and Paula said “two words: standing o.” (Nice dig at Kara, Paula!)

The evening finished up over time with Adam Lambert’s take on “Mad World.” Honestly it was just incredible, up until the screaming bits. Simon gave him a standing ovation, although they were totally out of time. Eric’s tip for Adam in the future is to pick up the church vote with this clip. Married Brother was, as usual, impressed with Adam, but worried about how the disparity affects other contestants: “The guy is on a different level with his voice, performances and staging. It’s kind of a little unfair because he’s not quite the amateur that Matt and Allison are. Both of those two turned great performances in their own right.”


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