American Idol Recap: Top 9 Week (Top Downloads)

Well this might have been the worst week in recent Idol history. Seriously. I was pretty much disappointed across the board. That said, kudos to Idol for product integration that didn’t piss me off (cough, cough, Top Chef, I’m looking at you).

Panel picks below and further details after the jump!


  • Bottom Three: Megan Joy, Allison Iraheta, Lil Rounds…though I am worried about Matt Giraud too
  • Going Home: Megan Joy
  • Best of the Night: Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre, Kris Allen

Married Brother

  • Bottom Three: Megan Joy, Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud
  • Going Home: Matt Giraud
  • Best of the Night: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen


  • Bottom Three: Megan Joy, Anoop Desai, Kris Allen
  • Going Home: Megan Joy
  • Best of the Night: Adam Lambert


  • Bottom Three: Megan Joy, Anoop Desai, and… kills me to say it… Matt Giraud
  • Going Home: This week is the ultimate test of Vote for the Worst… I’m thinking they failed this week and it’s Megan Joy. If VFTW wins, then Matt’s packing his bags. But I’d love Anoop to get the boot… I’m so over him.
  • Best of the Night: Kris Allen and Adam Lambert

So this week’s theme “Top Downloads” seems kind of random since there’s no real definition for a “top download,” but whatever.

We kick off with Anoop Desai performing Usher’s “Caught Up” and dressed like a Thai drum major. I was not feeling this one, to steal a Randy-ism. First of all, he looks really gross when he hits the big notes and second of all, the whole thing was karaoke-ish at best. Mike found it “boring and awkward.” Randy didn’t like the song choice and Kara said he played it safe. Paula liked seeing his playful side, but Simon called it a “complete and utter mess.” I’m not sure it was quite as bad as Simon said. However, Anoop lost some major charm points when he had a bit of a contentious exchange with Kara. Dude, I despise Kara and will pretty much take anyone’s side against her, but you seemed like an ass.

Megan Joy’s version of “Turn Your Lights Down Low” was AWFUL. She dropped her normal robot dance this week and instead appeared to be miming the lyrics. My mother thought she looked fat, “God, she’s more of a porker than I remembered.” Mike was unimpressed: “this woman just cannot sing. It was beyond awful.” Kara thought Megan was in trouble and blamed song choice (great Idol moment: Megan’s brother shouting out “broken record!” during Kara’s critique). Paula wanted her to sit on a stool… ummm… okay. Simon said “boring, indulgent, and monotonous.” I agree with Simon, but would add “TERRIBLE SINGING.”

Danny Gokey took on another dead wife pimping song, “What Hurts the Most.” Actually, I thought it was one of his best performances, but I still can’t stand him as a person. Mike said, “it was miles better than the others tonight. The first time all season I could tolerate listening to Gokey.” Mike agreed “with Randy that he needed to kick it up with some rock star attitude to have it really take off.” In one of her less coherent comments, Paula said she wanted to “hit repeat in her heart of that performance.”

Wow, so Allison Iraheta sang “Don’t Speak,” but it’s hard to discuss the singing when she was wearing that outfit. She seriously looked like the love child of Pebbles Flintstone and Cyndi Lauper. My mother thinks Allison is “another heifer.” I didn’t hate her performance, but it was not her best. Mike thinks she was “middle of the pack.” [Editor’s note: that’s not saying much with last night’s performances…] Randy started out his critique with “dude, what are you wearing?” When Randy thinks your look sucks… it does. I didn’t understand what Paula said, but my father thinks that’s just because she had too many Perkosets during the commercial break. Simon wasn’t a fan.

Scott MacIntyre sang “Just the Way You Are” and it was his best performance since his audition. Mike liked the song choice: “Billy Joel is his wheelhouse so this is the best we will see out of Scott.” His haircut is terrible, but it reduces the Greg Brady comparisons, so that’s a plus.

Matt Giraud decided to get back to his rock roots and went with the Fray. Hmmm… Matt, last time you went rock, it didn’t go so well. I liked seeing him play from the pit, but honestly, that was the only positive. I thought it was WEAK. The judges agreed, but Kara did say he doesn’t deserve to go home. Mike didn’t think it was “as bad as the judges said.”

So then we get to Lil Rounds who took on Celine Dion’s “I Surrender.” Kelly Clarkson hit this out of the park during season one. Lil got on base… but didn’t score any points with me. I think she might be one of the most overrated contestants ever. I’ve been so disappointed. Randy thought she sang it really well, but Simon thought it was similar to a wedding performance and old fashioned. Ryan threw her a bone by having her kid go hug Randy. Hello, heartland votes!

I’m still not sure how I felt about Adam Lambert’s “Play that Funky Music.” I had a bit of an “I Heart Huckabees” response: I liked it… I think?! Simon said it was original. Mike has turned around on Lambert and called it, “unfortunately, the best performance of the night.”

The evening ended with Kris Allen and “Ain’t No Sunshine.” Kris is showing off by playing the piano and told us in his pre-performance interview, “he wants to make an Idol moment.” It’s actually a good performance… spectacular compared to everyone else tonight. Randy told Kris that he’s now in the zone. Kara’s three words were “That is artistry.” I will agree that it was his best performance so far. Mike wasn’t swayed and found the performance, “thought it was horrendously boring and the last note was awful.” Agreed on the last note… that was rough.



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3 responses to “American Idol Recap: Top 9 Week (Top Downloads)

  1. bebbysue

    Yep. This Matt fan is worried tonight. And for good reason.

    Number One: He was in the Bottom Two last week which makes him very vulnerable.

    Number Two: He sang a song last night that I had never heard in my entire life. THIS CAN’T HELP AT ALL.

    Sorry to say it, but unless VFTW fails in its efforts, then my FAV is going to be toast tonight.

  2. Maria

    why are you all anoop haters?? he went to UNC! that exhausts my pop culture knowledge.

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