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Our punny jokes just got worse and worse…

So it all started with Boots’ joke that we were slow in getting:

Oh my gosh! Did you hear that Willie Nelson died?!!!!
He was playing ‘on the road again’….

Then Ellie had these winners:

Whoa did you guys hear that Amy Winehouse died?
They tried to make her go to rehab, but she said no no no.

Did you guys hear that James Taylor died?
He was playing with fire…and rain.

Did you guys know that OutKast died?
They were bombed over Baghdad.

Hey Boots, are the Fugees invited to your wedding?
I heard they were killed softly.

Boots and I got in the mix:

Did you know that Miley Cyrus died?
She perished on the climb.

OMG, Tom Petty died!
He was free falling.

Did you guys hear about Bono?
He got lost where the streets have no name.

I heard LeAnn Rimes died too…she couldn’t fight the moonlight… (Boots)

Bell Biv Devoe died too!
They were poisoned!

But it was the Beatles who inspired the most debate:

Ellie: Yeah–and the Beatles died!
The KGB got them back in the USSR.
Boots: Ellie, everybody knows they were already dead…they went down in the yellow submarine.
Me: I don’t think they’re dead… I just saw them yesterday.
Ellie: The Beatles are totally dead.  They got shot with a REVOLVER.
Me: We don’t need to fight about this… we can work it out.
Ellie: I’ll probably still be wondering whether or not the Beatles are alive when I’m sixty-four.

And poor Barbara hasn’t even come home yet to see what she’s in for!

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Video summary of Obama’s first 100 days

Via the Patriot Room

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I’m embarrassed to admit this, but…

I really want to go see the Hannah Montana movie and no one will see it with me.  I think I’m going to go by myself on Monday.  That’s right… 1 PM showing of Hannah Montana in Delaware County.

You can call it lame, but how are you not all inspired by this?

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Today, Ellie is Christmas Cake

Today is Ellie’s birthday and, if you know her, you should totally wish her a happy 26th.  26 is a big birthday for single women because it marks the official beginning of being undesirable:

In Japanese slang, a Christmas Cake is a single female past her 25th birthday, the reference being that no one wants the Christmas Cake after Christmas, no matter how good the cake is.

Thanks, Wikipedia.  Incidentally, I also learned that Unmarried Brother is called a “cake eater.”

Anyway, I’m being fecicious, since Ellie will be great and desirable cake for years.  In fact, there are about a million reasons why Ellie is really good cake now and at the top of the list would be that she’s pretty much the funnest person ever.

She’s also beautiful, but has a tendency to look like a stroke victim when photographed.  So here’s my favorite photo of us ever taken (thanks, Barbara).  It pretty much sums up everything you need to know about spending time with Ellie (i.e. that you will laugh, eat hummus, and probably have greasy hair).


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Falling down on the job

It’s tough to be a subpar blogger mainly because I’m my own boss and unpaid and there are no standards or expectations.  Except for one: that I post American Idol comments and predictions on Wednesday afternoons/evenings.

I didn’t do that this week… why?  Because it seemed like a waste.  I mean I could have blogged “Adam was crazy, but I kind of liked him.  Allison’s stylists are terrible and Matt’s probably going home.”  It was probably true (wouldn’t know since I haven’t even watched yet).

See, that’s the thing… I haven’t watched Idol yet… and it’s Thursday morning.  My mother officially did a better job recapping Idol than I did this week.  I blame the format changes, I blame Kara, I especially blame Gokey.  This whole season has been underwhelming…

So, apologies, I’ll be on the ball next week.  Promise.

Also, I should probably apologize since my father informed me that this photo of Audrey was “disgusting.  It looks like a perverted farm sex act.”  He was born in Kentucky, so I guess he would know.  I still think it’s cute, but I grew up in Swarthmore and am therefore extremely tolerant of all kinds… ;-)

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Audrey has a new friend

Seriously, this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:


Incidentally, Audrey’s new BFF has no name so I can’t tell some cute story.  I think this might be the only animal I’ve had that I didn’t name…

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