Lost v. American Idol… is there even a debate?

EW has a “debate” about which is better Lost or American Idol. Don’t bother clicking through unless you’re looking to waste 4 minutes of your life.

This struggle between shows is really the base of all my disagreements with Elena.  Long story short, we may have our own Lost v. Idol debate on this blog.  I’m confident I’ll win because, well, I’m right.  And also, Lost fans are all freaks hanging out on their message boards and not coming to this blog (no offense).

Elena says:

I feel like on your website (home of Republicanness and American Idol and Yankees) I probably would lose but in the world I live in (Democrats and Lost and Giants) it would also be a slam dunk. :)

But I’m happy to go down swinging.

So sometime in the next week or two, you may see the start of the great Idol/Lost debate and we’ll settle it with a good old fashioned poll so you can all vote for me as the winner ;-)



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2 responses to “Lost v. American Idol… is there even a debate?

  1. 914

    american idol is stupid and people who prefer canned, idiotic, braindead viewing to thoughtful, insightful, creative, and expertly crafted storytelling are responsible for the decline in every avenue of america

  2. Bri

    While I watch neither of those shows regularly. I REALLY don’t think anyone should be continuing to watch American Idol. It’s horrifying.

    I’m firmly Team Elena on this one.

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