Barbara becomes a cougar in Costa Rica

Barbara: HI from costa rica!
me: how is it?!?!
Barbara: GREAT!
omg karen
i’m going dancing with some teenagers tonight
like still in high school
sixteen year olds
who live in wisconsin
me: WHAT?
Barbara: bc they picked me up
and they told me they were twenty
but after a while i asked them to look at their licenses and they are both 16
karen, one of them was born in 1992
me: and you’re still going?
Barbara: of course! it’s hilarious!
and they are both skipping school to come to costa rica
one of them is going to try to train in the olympics in boxing
doesn’t it get better and better???
me: this is the weirdest thing ever
well, maybe find out what the age for statutory rape is in CR
Barbara: KAREN
i’m sure it’s above sixteen
Barbara: actually one of them in seventeen
so there
and they’re both cute
me: you’re really proving a point with that
Barbara: they’re HOT
i am NOT a cougar!!!
i don’t think
me: ummm
you’re preying on high school boys
Barbara: omigod no
high school boys are preying on me
me: barbara
it would have been inappropriate even if they were 20
20 is also too young
Barbara: well, [redacted travel companion] told her bf
and her bf said that boys peak sexually at 17
me: ugh
i have no idea why we’re friends



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4 responses to “Barbara becomes a cougar in Costa Rica

  1. Judgy, judgy, Karen.

  2. Elena

    Considering that Zack Morris was in the Bayside Class of ’93 these kids are too young. There was a chance that they were not even alive when he started dating Tori.

  3. FYI to all readers: a Saved by the Bell reference made in response to a post about Barbara being a cougar is pretty much the best thing ever.

    Consider this part 1 of Elena’s nomination package for a 2009 Unterekkie and consider the bar raised for future comments.

  4. Barbara

    Pic coming soon!

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