Great news for cookie lovers (dessert cookies, not David Cook…)

So if you’re anything like me, then you LOVE Thin Mints and have been frustrated never finding the right substitute.  These days, a Thin Mint substitute is more necessary than ever since these Girl Scouts have gotten particularly lazy… no one’s going door to door and, in my opinion, making your parents pimp your cookies at their office doesn’t really teach about responsibility.

Some of you may say… “oh, but Karen, there’s that Keebler Grasshopper cookie and it’s practically the same thing.”  Umm… no, no, they’re not.

  1. Keebler cookies are the worst grocery store cookies ever.
  2. Keebler Grasshopper cookies feature a chalky center and cheap faux chocolate exterior.
  3. Don’t ever trust anything made in a tree.

Long story short, I finally found a excellent replacement that finally has the right cookie crunch/crumble/taste of the Thin Mint.

Introducing, the Chocolate Mint Milano:

Enjoy, kiddos, because your life post-Chocolate Mint Milano will be vastly superior to your life pre.


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