The poetry of Paula Abdul

Entertainment Weekly has pulled some of Paula’s comments into poetic verse and at this point, I’m not sure who’s the greater genius: Paula or EW.

A favorite:

The Search for Definitive Punctuation
Although it’s a level of difficulty,
you made it sound so effortless with ease,
and I am so glad that you showed a beautiful vulnerability
and if you are great in front of the guitar
and leaving it down,
that — I — you know — there’s something — first of all,
one thing that I was kind of —
I was kind of surprised you picked
that song, but when —
well, first of all,
you’re like this bright light in this competition.
You — you’ve got a sensitive side to you,
got a total spicy side to you,
you are real, you’ve got to keep going.

It’s great.
And you have this presence.
You know, minus a couple of bum notes
from everyone we’ve seen so far
this season, you all are unique and different.
And what I’m loving about
this season,
you’re —
you have such a great instrument.
You’re musical.
(Judging Jason Castro’s season 7 performance of ”Hallelujah”)


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